Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kansas City Family Vacation, First Trip to the Zoo.

For the past 3 years we've been well intentioned with going to the beach for a summer family vacation. Problem is, something always came up. Family changes, babies being born, babies too little to travel with, job changes, etc. This summer was no different. Drew recently took a new position at work. The move was a good one, but it meant that he couldn't take off for a solid week straight. I did not want to skip another summer without a getaway trip with the boys, especially after Drew's completion of the MBA program, so I quickly got on the hunt for plan B. We ended up deciding on Kansas City due to the options they offer for families and the ability to drive there in 3 hours.

We drove up after Drew got off of work, which means we didn't pull into the hotel parking lot until right before 10pm. Considering our kids go to bed at 7, this could have spelled disaster. Thankfully both boys were able to adjust well to a later bedtime, although I will tell you it was a little wild and crazy in the hotel room for a few minutes as we tried to brush teeth, set up beds and pack and plays and get everyone to go to sleep in the same room :)

Friday the boys were up bright and early despite going to bed super late. Apparently they didn't get the memo that it was vacation and they could sleep in ;) We ate breakfast, got ready and headed to the zoo. This was both boy's first experience at the zoo. The Kansas City Zoo did not disappoint. We got there when they opened and didn't leave till they were shutting down. 6 full hours at the zoo. You'd think that I'd tell you that the day was full of implosions and meltdowns, but honestly the boys did rather well considering we stayed there the entire day. Brayden fell asleep in the stroller for a good solid hour, so we found a little tiki hut over the pond at the zoo, and set up camp to let B sleep. Connor decided he was revolting against naps in the stroller, so I spent a good hour letting him roam around and play.
The polar bear was the first exhibit. He was all about showing off his diving skills :)
watching the Tigers sleep.
there was a pen in the middle of the zoo that was a sheep exhibit. I felt kind of bad for these sheep... they had the fullest coat of wool I had ever seen, and the temps were in the upper 80s. Poor guys! They were RAVISHING for food. Like, kicking my legs wanting the little food pellets. Kinda freaky.
I have B some feed and the sheep literally ran after him and cornered him in the pen. At first he was all about it. Then they started chasing him.
it was at the chasing after part that Brayden decided to make a mad dash for the exit. Ha!
The boys were so excited to ride a train!
waiting for the train
so glad that we don't sleep like the Lemurs :) Pretty sure that's about 5 of them in there
I just love Macaws
Connor was less than thrilled with the carosel. Brayden on the other hand rode over and over and over and over again. Each time requesting the "weally big big monkey". Good thing we had unlimited rides
love how the Elephant had his legs crossed.
taking a little snooze
We stopped at a little Tiki hut while Brayden snoozed away. Connor wasn't interested in sleep, and instead watched the geese, turtles and fish off of the deck
Even Drew got a bit of a rest.
This was taken 5 hours into our zoo trip. He was a bit tired and less than willing to smile.

If you asked me what the highlight of my zoo trip was, I would tell you it was by far the last 30 minutes of the entire trip, when we got to see the Sea Lion show. We had amazing seats. I LOVE Sea Lions!
This sea lion's name was Vince. He's 10 years old and awesome
waving hi
Brayden was excited about seeing the ball balancing. We often read "The Nose Book" and it talks about noses being useful for playing catch with your nose. He'd asked about it before our trip, so we had watched several you tube videos of sea lions
Vince came RIGHT up to us at the fence. He's winking at me!

As we were walking out of the park, we passed by the polar bear again. He was STILL doing flips.
I was in awe at how big he was
(I blurred out the random little boy's face... not sure his parents would be excited if his face was on my blog :))
When we left the zoo I asked Brayden what his favorite part was... to which he responded: "The elephants pooping in the grass." I just had to laugh. Of course that would be his favorite part :)

As if the Kansas City zoo wasn't enough fun for one day, we decided to pack up and head to the T-Rex cafe for dinner.... to be continued....

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