Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend in Review, Part 3: Fun with Friends at the Lake.

Our weekend wrapped up with a trip to the lake with friends. It was Connor's first time out in the water, and also his first time in a life vest. I was worried that he'd be imploding the entire time, but other than him fussing over the rain in his face (yes, it rained. A lot at one point. But we remained patient and the Lord blessed us with an amazing evening after it passed), he did great.

Brayden LOVED it, especially when he was able to drive the boat.

Little cutie with his hair all wind blown from "going weally fast in the weally weally big boat!"
Connor was still getting used to things at this point.
watching the girls ride on the tube. He was mesmerized anytime someone was riding behind the boat.
Driving the boat all by himself. He was so proud.
Connor getting in on the tubing action. He LOVED it.

Brayden went on the tube with Drew at the beginning of the trip. It was raining so I decided not to take pictures out of fear I might ruin my gear. Drew and B went tubing again after everyone kneeboarded or wakeboarded. Unfortunately watching people fall and then be left behind while the boat did a loop-d-loop kinda freaked poor B out and he didn't want to get back in the water after that. Drew tried to coax him back out on the tube, sure that he would forget his fears the minute the boat started. Clearly the boat moving did not wash away fears.


On the last tube outing Faith needed someone on the tube with her, so I decided to go along for the ride. It was a blast, although today my back is reminding me of all the fun I had ;)

this is by far my favorite photo. I think we were both freaked out a bit, wouldn't you say? haha.
Drew and I left so very grateful for the Lord blessing us with good friends... the lake outing was just icing on the cake. Happy Tuesday yall!

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