Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Oklahoma Aquarium.

Drew had a couple of days off last week after the 4th, and we really wanted to do something fun as a family. Problem is, when it's 105 degrees outside, your options are pretty slim. Our neighbors had recently recommended the Oklahoma aquarium to us, and we decided it was probably our best option considering the heat, so we packed up and headed to Tulsa for the day.

When we got there it was about lunchtime, so we unpacked our trunk so the boys could sit in the back and eat their lunch. They were so excited that it was hard to keep them on task with eating-- which is saying something if you know our boys!

After lunch, we headed inside to see all of the creatures. Connor called everything Nemo. He LOVES Nemo, so it was a special treat to see them up close!

This was a touch tank that had Nemo in it! We actually weren't supposed to touch the clown fish, but we didn't know that at first, and I'm pretty sure B got his hand on one. OOPS.
Brayden checking out the lobster
checking out the turtles
he was obviously not good at smiling for the camera that day.
even got some crazy faces in there
this is the biggest alligator gar fish ever caught in Oklahoma. No thank you.

Brayden got to feed the sting rays. You stick little pieces of shrimp on the end of this pole and the stingrays come up and get it.
They are REALLY proud of their fish food. I got 2 pieces of shrimp (which equaled about one small shrimp) for $3. Drew about croaked when I told him how much I paid, but it's all about experiences, and considering we probably won't be going back anytime this year, I figured $3 wouldn't kill us :)

About the time we got to the biggest part of the aquarium, Connor decided he had had enough of just looking and being still, and decided to run around like a wild child. This meant that I left Brayden with Drew at the big touch tank where you could pet sting rays and a baby shark. I told Drew to take pictures, and just realized this is what I got:
Brayden told me he had a fun time, so I guess that's all that matters :)

Our final destination at the aquarium was the shark tank. We specifically decided to go on a Thursday, which is the only day they feed the sharks. I was expecting something dramatic, like blood and sharks chomping away. Instead we waited for 20 minutes in a crowded tunnel with no air conditioning, to see a tube get dropped into the tank and dead squid get released. The sharks were less than enthusiastic about the food, and barely ate anything. It was the most anti-climatic thing I have witnessed. Add to the fact that our kids were hot, tired and cranky, and Drew and I were ready to get the heck out of dodge.
B pretended to be a shark

Overall we had a blast and I think Brayden REALLY enjoyed it the most. We had thought about staying around in Tulsa longer, but with the way the kids were so pooped out we decided to just head home. We got in around dinner time, and Drew treated us to Mexican food for dinner (my favorite). Afterward we figured we'd round out the night at the splash park. I took a TON of pics there, so you'll have to wait to see those later :).....

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