Monday, July 16, 2012

Phone Pic Dump.

I love having a phone that takes halfway decent pictures, but I always forget to post them. These are a few of my favorites taken over the past two weeks.

These first two might be my all time favorite. The boys are really starting to develop a little brotherly friendship and it melts my heart. Don't get me wrong, they still fight like crazy. In fact, I'm pretty sure my new title should be umpire or referee. But when they play, they are so, so, so sweet. It reminds me of all those sweet ladies who would stop me in the stores when Connor was a newborn and tell me that it gets better and that I would eventually LOVE having kids so close in age. They were right. As hard as it is having two who are less than two years apart, I love it.

Brayden had asked to lay out after he was done swimming, and then he set up a towel for Connor to join him. I mean, I seriously had a puddle as a heart after I saw this
A new sheriff's in town.
the dark knight has already risen in our house. We call him Connor
I find myself running out of room lately in bed after naptime is over
Brayden has figured out how to take pictures with my phone. I find a lot of pictures like this one at night when I'm going through my photo gallery. ha!
I think I may have mentioned that B got smacked in the head with a rock via Connor. This was him showing me where it hit him after I had met up with the boys and Drew at the splash park. Connor's starting to hold his own :)
Connor got a haircut two weeks ago. This was after round 1, with a lot of loose ends that needed cleaning up. We had to go back the next day to get it finished
Brayden was in full spiderman mode after last week's birthday party, and came to me saying Connor needed to take a picture with Spiderman :)
Connor did really well in swim class last week. Like, no screaming or crying... yay! This was him on the way out of our gym. It's blurry and not very good, but he just looked SO grown up walking all by himself with his backpack on.

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