Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend in Review.

I love weekends like this weekend. With not much on the calendar, we were able to relax and enjoy each others company. Perfect.

Saturday morning I ran in a local race called Race to Remember. My friend Katie had mentioned the race several weeks ago on her blog. The entire premise of the race was to remember babies who have left this earth too soon. I wanted to run for Katie's little girl Reese, but I also wanted to run for my best friend Mary Virginia's little girls, Mary Grace, Madelyn, and Catherine. I haven't blogged a lot about Mare's journey over the past several months. Partly because, honestly, what words do I write to explain something that no person should ever have to go through. And partly because, it's really not my story to tell. Mare has written some great blog posts about her journey, and I encourage you to read her blog. I feel so honored to have a friend who is willing to be honest about emotions and point people to Jesus in a time that many would turn their backs on Him.

At the race they had a big banner that had all of the kid's names on it.
I have to be honest. I about threw up when I saw it. It's so easy to go through life and disregard other people's grief when it's not your own. For some reason seeing all of those names made me incredibly aware that all of the people there were running not just to run, but for a little baby that is no longer here. On the flip side of my emotion, it made me glad that there was something tangible that I could do for my friends so that others can see and know their daughter's names. I finished the race in 50 minutes (I walked. If you know me, you know that even this is an accomplishment!). I plan on doing the race every year, and I think next year I may try to run it! :)

After the race I met up with Drew at the local farmer's market. Walmart was celebrating their 50th birthday at the square, so it was kind of crazy. And also insanely hot. But we decided to brave the crowds and sauna-like weather anyways. We ran into some of our dear, dear friends who were up here celebrating their anniversary. So glad these two moved back to Arkansas and are closer to us! Looking forward to fun visits with their sweet family soon!


They had hula hooping. Both of the boys tried their hand at the sport. I admit their failure in this department leans solely on my genes. I am the least coordinated person to grace the face of this great Earth. Hula hooping is not on a list of strong points for our family I'm afraid ;)

Brayden wanted to give a hug to "that thing" also known as the Walmart spark.
lookie who was there?! Kris Allen! Yay! After he was through he walked back to his car. Literally a few feet away from us. It was in that moment that I kicked myself for not having my camera (we were in line to get popcorn and watermelon). If I had had my camera with me, I'm almost positive that I would have been THAT fan that asked for her kid to have his picture taken with him. Oh well.
They were giving away free watermelon, which my boys were head over heels excited about. Pretty sure they both ate an entire watermelon by themselves
At one point Connor ran out of his watermelon, so he took it upon himself to steal Brayden's piece.
notice Brayden saying "HEY! He's eating MY watermelon!!!"
the fight ensues
he looks really guilty doesn't he :)
precious boy. I love him so much!

Today we had a swim party after naptime that we went to with some of our community group. It was fun, but honestly, pool parties are hard to go to with a toddler and a preschooler, especially when the toddler would prefer walking around instead of swimming (which is why I never bring my camera because the odds of it getting ruined at a pool party is 100:1). It was good to see our friends though, and the bonus was that Brayden left with a grateful heart and no fuss. It was the perfect end cap to a perfect weekend.

Hope yall have a great week!

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