Monday, September 24, 2012

22 Months.

This post is a little late thanks to our eventful week last week. But I wanted to take some time to document Connor at 22 months (he also gets the honor of being my 1000th post!)
Connor weighs about 30 pounds. He wears size 2T or 3T tops, and size 2T bottoms. We have to roll his pants up a lot because his legs are a lot shorter than how big his waist is ;)

He's starting to show some interest in the potty. I'm not pushing things, just like I didn't with Brayden.

He LOVES LOVES LOVES Brayden. In the mornings when we go to get him out of his crib, he will ask for his breakfast (usually waffles or an egg), and his brother. I love seeing their relationship grow. They play together so well, and have even started having conversations together. I hope they will always be friends
A few of Connor's favorite things right now are: trains, cars, motorcycles, airplanes (basically anything that has an engine). He loves his Little People farm. He loves to swing, slide and jump (he always says "real high!" when he jumps. He also loves super heroes, and will pretend to be batman a lot. He also has a shirt that says "super brother" on it. He LOVES it and asks to wear it a lot. If he's wearing it, he'll point to the chest and say "SUPER BROTHER! TO SAVE THE DAY!"

His favorite movies are Nemo (which he calls Memo), Toy Story and Lion King. If he wants Lion King he'll run up to me and say "Zazuuuu.... ROAR!" haha!

He has never met a stranger, and will talk to anyone he sees. If he sees someone come into the room, or if we're in the same vicinity of someone at the store, he'll say (in a really high pitched, sweet as sugar voice) "hiiiiggghhhh!" and wave at us. It's the cutest thing!
if you ask him about his cast, he will say "ouchie! don't touch!" I guess we've been telling him not to touch his bandages a bit too much :)
He's starting to get a little attitude. I think the terrible twos are creeping up on us. Thankfully he seems to do really well with a small amount of discipline... even time out works well with him (it never has with Brayden).
He has a crush on a little girl at school. Her name is Ava, and he talks about her a lot. His teacher said that they play together all the time, and if he sees her in the hallway he just lights up and goes and rubs her back and gives her a great big hug. haha! I asked him about her and he got all shy, hiding his face in his shoulder. SO cute!

22 months ago when people would stop me in the grocery store and tell me I would love having kids this close in age, I doubted what they said. But now that I see Connor and Brayden playing together, I wonder why I doubted those people at all. It's clear that this age gap, while sometimes hard, is so, so rewarding to see your children become best friends.

Connor Andrew: I can't believe you're almost 2! I grow more in love with you every day. You bring so much joy to our days, with your little laugh and contagious smile. Thank you for being our little sunshine buddy! We love you so much!

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