Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Few Brayden Short Stories.

One morning as I was attempting to pull myself out of bed, Brayden ran in the room with 403281 questions on his mind and his mouth rambling 900 words per minute. One of the first questions to pop out of his mouth at 6:15 in the morning was about this wedding picture of Drew and I (it's my fave):

The conversation went like this:
B: Is that at your wedding? With daddy?
Me: yes! That's at my wedding.
B: I was there?
Me: No, you weren't there. You weren't born.
B: Oh.... (thinking for a bit)... I was at home by myself?
Me: No, you weren't there. You weren't alive yet.
B: Oh.... (thinking some more)... so you left me in the car by myself?
Me: No, you weren't the-- .... nevermind.


Sometimes I like to ask Brayden questions that make him think. He never ceases to humor me with his answers. One particular day I asked him what his FAVORITE thing in the whole wide world is. I kid you not, this was his response:
"Hmmmmm. I don't know..... how 'bout SUGAR!"


One day after leaving our neighbors pool, I praised Brayden for how well he left and how well he had swam. He simply shrugged his shoulders and said "yeah. I did awesome. You should do your thumb up, like this (he proceeded to show me how to do a thumbs up). That means awesome."


Brayden is getting really into super heroes and pretend play. It's hilarious to me how a plastic mask can transform a little boy into whatever he wants to be. A lot of times, if Brayden doesn't feel like doing what I am asking him to do (especially cleaning up), he'll slip on a mask and then when I ask him to repeat what I asked him to do, he'll say: "I'm not Brayden. I'm (enter super hero's name)." I then must address him as said super hero, otherwise my requests to complete chores will go unnoticed.

 The other day we were shopping at an outdoor mall. I passed by Ulta, and got a good woof of a conglomerate of all kinds of perfume. Brayden quickly exclaimed "Momma! It smells so stinky out here, what is that smell?!" I asked him what he was talking about (playing dumb is the best thing to continue a funny conversation with kids), and he said "it smells like stinky flowers out here!". I laugh every time I think about him saying that.

This isn't a short story, but I needed to document it. Whenever Brayden is telling a story that happened yesterday (or a few days ago), he'll say "lasterday" instead of "yesterday". I have to contain my laughter every time. It's so cute!

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