Sunday, September 30, 2012

Razorback Parties, Trails and Pictures | Weekend in Review.

What a fun weekend we have had this weekend!

Saturday morning I had a photoshoot. I was nervous all week because the weather forecast had called for rain, but luckily it was just really overcast, which is actually great for pictures. I took pictures of some really dear friends of ours... they turned out awesome! Isn't this family the cutest???
this was the setting that I had to work with. Love this little gem hidden within the city!

Later Saturday morning I met up with Drew, and together our family met up for a Razorback watch party/Birthday party for a friend. The Hogs season has gone down the toilet, so I wasn't that sad about not getting to watch much of the game (that's what happens when you have TONS of kids to watch). The kids decorated Razorback sugar cookies, and seemed to enjoy it ;)
with a little help from mom, my children wisely chose white icing ;)
Brayden really surprised me and iced everything without getting too much icing :)
I thought Connor wouldn't care about icing cookies. Oh contrare! The boy threw a fit until he could be seated at the table with the big kids.
stealing a little bite of icing. He is my son ;)
oh how I love him so!
apparently the red icing was a hit too! Avery liked to wear it
Sophie rocking the red icing too
Brayden and his buddy Jack. I love that they are becoming good friends!

The boys took really good naps Saturday afternoon, and when they woke up we decided to hit the trails since the weather was still pretty nice. Brayden and Drew rode bikes, and I pulled Connor in the wagon.
he loves riding the trails, and went on his first official mountain bike trail yesterday. Drew was MIGHTY proud of him!

Today has been a typical Sunday-- church (we had family church today, so Brayden got to come with us. Always an adventure trying to brave church with a 3 year old :) ), then back home for lunch and naps. We've got a low key evening planned too, which I am appreciative of after our busy Saturday. Hope everyone has a great week!

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