Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend.

We have had a laid back, relaxing weekend. It's been so good, and the best part is that it's still not over, since Drew has off until Wednesday. I figured I'd share with you a few things we've been up to this weekend.

Friday we ran errands as a family. One of the first things we did was to stop by a wooded area for Brayden to release Tiny Tim, our resident turtle. I was really scared that the release would be mildly traumatic, and involve some sort of tears. But Brayden was really OK with the fact that Tiny Tim needed to find his mommy in the woods. He stood for a picture with Tim, and then let him go in the weeds. When we got back in the car, he nonchalantly told Connor that Tiny Tim was going back to his mommy because he missed her. No big deal. Whew. I realized after we released him that I forgot to mark his shell with paint, in case we ever saw him again. Oops. Considering we released without tears, I'll still mark the releasing as a success.
I think Tim could smell freedom at this point :)
bye bye Tiny Tim!

One of the stops we made on Friday was to the new Cabella's store in the area that opened. It was WAY overcrowded, which meant that maneuvering through the store (with exceptionally small aisles) was slightly stressful. Add to the fact that Connor thought it necessary to point out (yell) at EVERY. SINGLE. ANIMAL. in the store... it was a bit much. But they loved the fish tank. Score one for the fish tank. Who needs aquariums when you have this thing?
kinda blurry, but cute nonetheless

Saturday we had swim lessons, and then basically hung out at the house all day. We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday evening. Brayden and Gracie dressed up as super heroes and played most of the night like this:
Saturday also marked the beginning of college football. It was so fun for me to leave the football games on as I cooked up a big pot of chili. It was the official start of fall in our house for sure!
my little Razorback cuties! Sidenote: Brayden actually has a uniform, but it's Adidas, not Nike. When I pulled it out for him to wear he said "I can't wear that. it doesn't have the thing." I didn't understand what he meant, and finally, after some frustration on his part for not being able to accurately describe what he meant, he pulled out his t-shirt and said "it needs one of these!" and pointed to the Nike swish. What in the world?!?! Where did that come from?!!?! I've never stressed brands at ALL with this kid. Oh Dear.

Sunday after church, we headed to the lake with our friend, Orrin. The boys were super excited to out on the boat again. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the boys did SO well, especially considering we were out on the lake for almost 6 hours.
Drew and Brayden got a chance to drive the boat
it's a rough life
Orrin gave the boys kit kat bars when we were on the dock. This is Connor after he finished his :) I think it was good ;)
my sweetie boy.
trying to catch fish
Brayden actually asked to go on the tube!

Like I said, Drew's off for the next few days, so our weekend isn't officially over. We don't have any major plans, so I'm looking forward to some fun family time before the official start of fall. Have a great week!

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