Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mid-Week Rambles.

Remember when I said that this was our first full week of our fall schedule? It's been good so far, but I'm about pooped and we still have a few more activities up our sleeve before we find weekend reprieve. I'm thankful for each activity in our life right now; we are a good kind of full.

Today was my very first day of BSF. I've been nervous about this all summer. After several friends had suggested I atleast try BSF, and I was strongly encouraged by the teaching leader (who we had been serving with in the children's ministry at our church), I decided it was time to give it a go. I've heard mixed reviews-- people either love it or hate it. There seemed to be no in between. I can't really tell you which side I will be on yet-- only time will tell. I was very encouraged this morning though, when my group leader said that they intend to make the lessons a bit more conversational during group time. This was probably my deepest concern going into the study, so it seems God answered that prayer before I ever had a chance to really even worry about it. My group seemed to be a good mix of women too. I'm excited to be back into a formal bible study, and feel like it will be good for my boys too.

The downer today was that when I picked up Connor from childcare he seemed a bit warm. My momma instinct was right, because when we got home and I took his temp, was indeed running a fever. Poor baby has just been the snuggliest thing ever today, and really just wants to lay around. I hate when my kiddos are sick, but man, the little snugglies that they become gives me so much joy.
Connor fell asleep while I was making lunch today, and Brayden was the sweetest big brother, by bringing his own blankies to cover up Connor. I love seeing sibling love.
I wouldn't let Connor outside since he was running a fever today, so he got to pick out a movie and he picked out "Memo." This picture just melts my heart.

Today was Brayden's second AWANA meeting. He had been asking about when he would get to go back, so he was super excited when I told him tonight was the night. I was so proud that he memorized his first verse through the Cubbies program this week. We celebrated with a date to Chick-Fil-A for a cookie. When we got back into the car he said "mom, that was SO much fun! I love going on dates with you!" haha. Let's hope the feeling continues ;)

Earlier this week I used up a Living Social deal I had purchased for some cupcakes at Bliss Cupcakes. They were delicious. Brayden got one all to himself, and after licking off the entire blob of icing he told me "the icee is the best part.... can I have yours now?!" haha. He is my child... the love of icing proves it ;)

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