Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No More Redneck Jokes

As sad as it made my mommy heart tonight, I finally buckled and had Brayden's hair cut for the first time. I really had wanted to wait until he was a year, but he was starting to sport a mullet. I mean, nothing against mullets (although they are rather out of date if you ask me!), but we do live in Arkansas, and since most people think we Arkansans walk around bare foot with mullets in front of our double wide trailer, I figured we should probably break the mold a bit. Thankfully my good friend David (who also cuts my hair, if I can even say that since it's been 8 months since I have had a haircut) agreed to cut Brayden's hair, so it cushioned the first "growing up" blow. B surprised us both by being relatively calm. I gave him some Gerber pinwheel treats (something he's never had before), and he chomped away while David cut away the baby locks. B would actually grimace and smirk when the clippers got close to his ears because it tickled... it was SO cute! And I should probably note that I get the "bad mommy" award, since I didn't save a lock of hair. I just am not the sentimental type, and I figure all it will do is sit in some drawer all of B's life until I die and/or I turn over all of his belongings to him, and then he'll toss it, because let's all be honest, what grown man keeps his baby locks? Yeah, that's what I thought (and B-man, if for some strange reason you are reading this at the age of 30 and cursing me for not saving your hair, call me. I'll pay for therapy. Or a good margarita. Whichever floats your boat.) Here are a few pics of our momentous night tonight, he looks SO grown up that it's killing me. Seriously, how does time fly so fast?!

haircut 2
haircut 1
I LOVE this picture! It's like B is saying "I'm not sure about you Mr. David!"
"I guess you're OK Mr. David! You can cut my hair again if you want!"


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