Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The One Thing

It's that time again: Lindsey's parenting realization of the week day minute. I seriously learn so much from parenting my son, and always think "man that would be a great thing to blog about" but then never get around to doing it because, wouldn't you know, I am off chasing him again. It was during one of these chasing moments in Baton Rouge (we've had many, since my parent's house is far from baby proof) that I realized God probably feels the same way as us. You know, the whole "I gotta pee but can't because my toddler will either (a) rip everything apart in the bathroom while I am peeing or (b) stick his finger in the electrical sockets while simultaneously eating dog food and sucking on an old flip flop." I mean, I love my son, but sometimes I just want to pull my hair out because when I need 2 minutes of freedom to wash the dishes or fill a glass with water is the time he will crawl away from the 1 million toys he has in front of him to play with the 1 thing I told him not to do. God does it all the time with us, and he's been doing it since the beginning of time. Think about it: Adam and Eve were put in the Garden of Eden, which has been described by some scholars (and  can only imagine) is quite possibly one of the lushest, prettiest places ever. He leaves them with one warning: don't eat from the tree of good and evil. Easy enough. I mean, they have everything else at their finger tips. But noooooooo. That one tree that they were told "no no" looks far more enticing than everything else. So they make a decision that pains God's heart and basically changes the rest of the story for all of us. It seems like such a simple concept, one that I should have grasped sooner, this parallel between my relationship with God and my relationship with my son. Somehow it adds more cush to the days where I feel like all I say is "no no," and makes me thankful for the refining moments that parenting is bringing to my life.

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