Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

My valentines plans went off without a hitch... sort of. I started cooking around 5pm, and realized I had not bought foil for the occasion, which was crucial to my cooking. Off I went to the DG (thankfully it's only a mile down the road) and was back in no time preparing some of Pioneer Woman's finest. Once B went down for the night Drew came back to the kitchen to help clean up a bit before we sat down for a nice, romantic dinner. We even put on classical music in the background. We broke out our fine china-- the first time we've EVER used it in all 6 of our years of marriage :) Drew was really happy with that, since he always tells me that we should have never registered for china that we don't use :) The dessert I made was SO rich and really put us both over the top, so we retired to bed before 10 (can you tell we're old.... ha!). Here are some pictures marking our dinner extraordinare... no one was here to take our picture, and I quickly gave up trying to figure out my tripod, so sadly, there are only pics of our food, and not us :)

I cheated and bought bagged salad-- the instructions for the recipe for PW's salad dressing made my mind spin, and I figured since I was already doing so much that it wouldn't hurt to cheat just a bit on my 'homemade' meal.
Picnik collage
I toasted artisan french bread in the oven, and then made oven roasted garlic cloves to spread on them. It was SO yummy!
Shrimp Linguine was the main dish. Oh my goodness, it was sheer perfection and SO easy to make! The recipe called for white wine, so I just bought a big bottle so we could have wine with our dinner. One thing to note is that the recipe makes a HUGE batch, so I halved it and easily had leftovers.
View from the top. Don't you just want to eat the whole bowl?!
Drew's first helping.... we each had several!
Ok yall, this is so sad. I forgot to take a picture of the dessert last night. It was splendid, although I agree with PW that it's tricky figuring out how long to cook it. It was actually almost TOO rich, if that is even possible. Of course, I already ate the 3rd ramekin this morning (after my workout of course ;o]), but I remembered about the 4th one so I pulled it out of the fridge to snap a pic for yall to see how mine turned out. The homemade whipped cream was yummo too, but it's in an ugly tub now, so I didn't take a pic of it.

If you're still in the romantic evening kind of mood and need a good recipe, this is definitely one to try! I've posted the links so that you can just hop on over and get the DL from the PW. Hope yall have a fantabulous Monday!

PW's instructions for Roasted Garlic
PW's recipe for Linguine with Shrimp
PW's recipe for Baked Fudge

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