Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend in Review

Wow, what a weekend this has been! Sadly, I forgot my camera for most of it, so this will be an (almost) picture-less weekend in review.
Friday night was actually pretty lazy... we just sat and enjoyed the Olympics. We are proud to be called Olympic nerds, and I have fallen in love with a few athletes. I love Lindsey Vonn, namely (no pun intended... promise!), because she and I share the same name. I just think she's so cute! Also, I have a fascination with JR Celski. Have you seen the wound that he suffered just 6 months ago? It's incredible that he's back competing, much less win at these Olympics. As a sport I am fascinated by the ski jump. If you have the Wii Fit you'll know what I am talking about. The ski jump on that game is ridiculously hard, so I can only imagine what it's like in real life.
Saturday we had B's swim class. Can I just say I am a proud momma? B is doing SO good! He splashes, reaches and pulls, kicks and is even putting his head in on his own to "blow bubbles." He doesn't actually blow yet, but he doesn't choke. The teacher was QUITE impressed and asked if we'd been working on it at home. When I replied no, she asked if he had an older sibling... again, no. She kind of gasped (mind you, this is in front of the WHOLE class, so I was kind of embarrassed more than proud at this point since she was making such a big deal out of it) and was like "He is doing SO good!" I just smiled. Later in the class during the individual time B was doing well again. After he did his swimming to the teacher she asked him to do a high five and he hit right back... she asked how old he was and I told her 10 months. She then exclaimed that he was SO smart, one of the smartest she had seen in a while! Way to go little B! You're such a good swimmer and I agree, you are so smart! Probably smarter than your own good ;o) Ha! After class we continued our tradition of Saturday lunch at Sams, and then ventured to the outdoor mall so B could play at the playground. It's one of those playgrounds that has soft stuff they can crawl around on, and I had gone earlier this week with him and he LOVED it so I wanted Drew to see him in action. He played for over an hour! During our time there we also remembered that Auntie Anne's pretzels were having free pretzel day, so we got a free snack and then went home. B had to wait until after naptime to enjoy his pretzel, but I think he has a new favorite snack-- cinnamon pretzels! Yummo! A few stories from the park:
Nazi dad was there. I know that Nazi is such a harsh term, but seriously, I think this guy was a Nazi in his past life. Instead of being in the playground with his son, he sat over at a table outside of  it... talking on the phone. Every time his son would do something apparently wrong (you know, push a kid, not wait his turn) he would yell his sons name LOUDLY across the entire place. I swear people 30 miles away could have heard him. And I know I am not exaggerating it because all of the other parents were eyeing each other and raising eyebrows. I was so embarrassed FOR the man. I mean, I think that I probably run a tigher ship than most, but pullease---- I will not be screaming Brayden's name in a loud booming God voice across a park. A bit later there were 3 little girls playing (the oldest looked about 8 and the youngest was about 3) and I noticed the youngest was doing the potty dance. You know, the whole, holding the crotch, crossing the legs and jumping up and down. I looked around but couldn't see their mom in sight (they were Hispanic, and there were no hispanic adults around the park). I whispered to Drew and so we kept an eye on them for a while, but it became evident the little girl was probably going to pee her pants if she didn't go the bathroom SOON. We mentioned to 2 other parents about the girls, and they hadn't seen a parent either. At this point not only was I concerned, but I was pissed. What adult leaves their kids unattended at a park at a local mall?! ANYONE could have kidnapped all 3 of them and no one would've thought anything because the park was SO crowded. Seriously, I know we live in a relatively safe area of the country with VERY low crime rates, but that is just plain unresponsible. One of the moms there asked the little girl if she could take her to the bathroom and she took all three girls to go use the restroom. We were there for about an hour and no parents ever showed. SO, SO, shady. The rest of the day was pretty average, until right before bedtime for B-- he took his first cruising steps along the coffee table! Yay B! We put objects (namely shoes, as he has a great affection for sucking/chewing on shoes--ewww!) and he would stomp one leg as if to rev up, and then side step until he reached his destination. It was so cute, but it's one step closer to me REALLY having to keep up with him. I can't believe how fast he's growing up!
Today was pretty average; church, cleaning house and folding laundry, Sunday afternoon naps... you know, the usual. We have a really busy week this week, and are hosting community group next week which means I must deep clean my house before we host. Drew's got finals, so I am an MBA widow on top of it all :) Hope you all have a great week! (You didn't think I would end this without atleast a few pictures did you know? Ofcourse not!

Friday I did his hair in a mohawk.... he's pretty stylish wouldn't you say?
His new thing is pointing and saying "dis". It's SO cute, although I have NO idea what he's pointing at (usually it's random pointing)
It was a good day on Friday, can you tell? ;o)
attacking his Auntie Anne's pretzel after his nap on Saturday... it was a hit!
he was talking to me in this picture; probably telling me to buy him more Auntie Anne's pretzels!


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