Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend in Review

This weekend hosted nothing special, so there's really not much news to report. On Saturday Brayden tried rolls in the pool, and he did GREAT! In fact, the teacher pulled Drew aside and said that she recommended B take an advanced rolling class. I will be talking with his teacher next week to discuss it further; with B's tendency to have absolutely no fear of the water, I feel like I should put him in as many swimming classes that I can. I have a great fear of drowning myself, and then when you talk about my child... oh Lord have mercy. Are all momma's this way? I sure hope so, otherwise I might need to get into counseling :o) Besides swim class, it was our usual trip to Sam's for lunch as a family and church on Sunday. We took several pictures this weekend, so I'll give you those since my words escape me. Hope you all have a great week-- and remember to check in tomorrow-- I'll be announcing the winner of my Target giftcard!

Check out the chubby baby goodness :o)
Yeah, we're crazy. But we have fun, and that's all that matters!
Ughh... SO mad that B's face was cutoff-- I {heart} this picture!
I love my family!
Hopefully his affection for jackasses doesn't last long
such amazing posture... he did not get that from me, I assure you!
This is his favorite toy by far. He'll crawl to his room and play by himself for close to 30 minutes with this thing.
there's lots of cheerful screaming at my house


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