Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Extravaganza

OK, So Momma M at My Little Life is holding a Valentines Extravaganza where each day this week there is a different theme. I LOVE the questions and love reading about other people's love stories,so I decided to jump on this band wagon. If you'd like to join in, head on over to Momma M's blog for more info! Since I am behind on the topics, I'll kind of cram Sunday and Monday's together. 
HOW WE MET (Sunday's theme): We actually met in college my freshman year. He was an RA on the floor above my 4 best friend's floor. They met him, and he started hanging out us. I tried to hook him up with my best friend Katie, not knowing that he really liked me. He hosted a canoe trip with his floor and invited me and my 4 friends to come along. We all went, even though I am TERRIFIED of canoes (due to an accident that happened when I was 3 where I almost drowned). Since he had raft guided in West Virginia the summer before, he convinced me to canoe with him (he's a sly one isn't he?!). We talked the entire time and really connected. He asked me out the next week, and the rest (as they say) is history!
MY FAVORITE DATE STORY: We had so many dates when we were dating and then now during marriage that it's hard to pick JUST one. The one that pops in my head immediately when I think about dates is for Valentines Day in 2002. We started dating in April of '01, so this would have been our first Valentines Day. We drove to a small town that is about an hour away from where we went to college. Drew had made reservations at a cute little Italian restaurant. The restaurant building used to be an old house and they had converted it into a restaurant. Afterwards we went downtown and just walked around and then got in his truck to head back. Right outside of town Drew's truck broke down and we literally coasted into a gas station in the boondocks of Arkansas. Drew was kind of freaking out because my dad had half-joked about not spending the night in the town we were going to (not that we would have regardless), so he was like, "what are we going to do? You're dad is going to kill me!" Thankfully he was able to get the problem fixed (can't remember what exactly was wrong, and who knows since he was an old beater truck) and we made it back to U of A. The whole night was really sweet, but the truck breaking down definitely made it memorable!

Be sure to come back each day this week to find out the rest of my answers for this week extravaganza!

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