Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ball Bustin' Experience

This is another one of those B moments that some may find no humor or entertainment in, so if that's you, you can just go ahead and jump to a different blog. And quite frankly, I may get killed for posting this later on in life, you know, if B decides to actually read the blog book I am creating for him. But what good is a blog book without the good stories, the bad stories, and ofcourse, the embarassing ones too! Trust me B, you'll thank me later!

Last night I was bathing Brayden and I was in our usual battle. He splashes, looks at me, stands all the way up and I (in a kind but firm mamma voice) say "No no. We need to sit on our bottom." After about 4 times of doing this I usually give a gentle swat on the behinny and he quickly sits back down. No harm done, and he goes about his night as normal. Generally he doesn't even cry. But last night was different, because laying underneath him was a plastic bath scoop that he uses to play with. He didn't know that the scoop was there, so when he quickly let go of the side of the tub and careened down on his tushy, he hit the plastic. At an angle. An upwards angle. So much was the angle upwards that it didn't hit his bottom, but his, um, how shall I say this... it hit his jewels. Poor guy was shrieking. For like 5 minutes. Drew was there with me, so we quickly wrapped him in a towel and consoled. Drew let him know it wouldn't be the last time the family treasures got knocked. They had a man consoling moment and then B was fine. If you're a mom of a girl, be glad you don't have this problem to worry about. I had never once thought about this happening, because, well, because I'm a girl. Here's to many more boy moments in my future......

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