Friday, March 26, 2010

A Very Merry UnBirthday

OK. I admit it. Today is my birthday. Growing up mom always made our birthdays the biggest deals. Like, even bigger than Christmas. We got to pick out breakfast, go on a special lunch date with mom and dad, and then pick out dinner, complete with the "You are Special" Plate at our setting. The first birthday I was away from home was my 18th. I was in Florida with my friends, and I remember laying on the floor in the condo in a sleeping bag crying because I wanted my mom's lasagna instead of FudPucker's. Ha! Anyway, as I've gotten older and been "on my own," birthdays have become more like every other day. That is, until this year. I seriously think I have the greatest friends in the world! We all got together for dinner to celebrate, which was great in and of itself. Then, after I'd stuffed myself silly, they brought out this awesome cake (my friend Meredith also celebrated her birthday this week so we comboed),
AND the restaurant brought us dessert!
taking pictures of each other with our cake :) Yeah, we're dorks.
I'm pretty sure Meredith's wish is to give birth. She's due any day and is ready to get that baby OUT!

They all wrote me sweet notes in an awesome birthday card, and got me a gift card to Sonic. I love these girls SO much!
Thanks for making my day special girls-- yall are the best!

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