Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few B stories

These stories are mainly so that I can have a record of them, so if you want to skip all of the mommy mushies, you can just close this window.

Saturday I was working on cooking meals for our community group, so B was crawling back and forth from the living room to his room. Drew was home, but was studying for his final. I hadn't realized that Drew had gone to the bathroom and subsequently left the bathroom door open. As I was cooking I realized the house was eerily quiet. It's funny because quiet to a mommy has two different meanings depending on the contextual situation. If you are by yourself, it means peace. Tranquility. Sometimes I leave the house just to park my car in a parking lot. The silence of the situation calms me, but I am still able to people watch (a favorite pastime of mine) If, however, you are at home in the presence of your little one, your heart panics because the silence clearly signifies they have found something that keeps them entertained longer than their median attention span. This generally involves something that is dangerous, off limits or destructive. Or perhaps a combination of all three. Unfortunately for me, it was the latter. I ran to the front of the house (this doesn't take long, as our house is roughly 1300 square feet), and hear splashing. As I round the corner of the bathroom, I find Brayden gleefully splashing toilet water EVERYWHERE (ironically the night before I was thinking about how I should probably get toilet locks, because I keep bleach tabs in the tank water). I screamed for Drew to help and he was out of the study in 0.2 seconds. Upon his immediate arrival to the bathroom however, he did the daddy dance (you know the one... the one where they sit there and say "What do I do" while jumping from side to side, thrown into an obvious state of panic while simultaneously feeling greatly illequipped for such situations). I had him get a towel and purel, and we wiped B clean, along with the rest of the bathroom. Thankfully the night before I had cleaned the house, so there was no, ahem, residue in the toilet that morning. Sadly, the whole situation lasted about 2 minutes, and since I was scared about the bleach I didn't run to get my camera like I normally do, so no pictures. The toilet lids now stay down, in addition to the bathroom doors staying shut.

My next story actually happened last night.Usually around the time Drew is supposed to get home Toby will bark at every little noise that he hears. He thinks it's the garage door opening, and so he gets excited, barks constantly, and runs to the back door waiting for Drew. A train came through yesterday evening before Drew was supposed to go home, and like always, Toby went nuts due to the time. I asked Toby if it was Daddy, and he really took it up a notch. B was sitting next time me and was listening to the conversation I was having with Toby. He spit his paci out and started saying "dadadadada" and crawled into the kitchen. He sat next to the fridge (it's right by our back door) and waited for Drew to walk through the door. Toby followed him and they both sat there for a few minutes just waiting. It was SO sweet. Of course, when Drew didn't walk through the door B-man was upset, and started crying. It was the first time I have seen him recognize that Toby's barking is for Daddy. He loves Drew so much and it just melts my heart seeing them bond! Of course, I can't help but be a little jealous, since B-man only says Mamma if he is REALLY upset. Mommas have hardly any fanfare compared to Daddy's, which is so not fair considering the great deal more time that we spend with them compared to our spouses. It's ok B-man, momma still loves you no matter what. Thanks for bringing life into my days! I love you little man!


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