Friday, March 19, 2010

War Wounds, Rambo & the Easter Bunny

When I married Drew, I knew that I was in for kids who were fearless. I mean, even my DOG takes after Drew, jumping cliffs, careening boulders and running till his paws bleed. So it comes as no surprise that my little man will bonk his head, slam his fingers tumble across the floor and not let out so much as a whimper. I knew it was only a matter of time however, that we got our first real wound. A war wound as I call it. One of those things that leaves a mark and has a good story to go along with it. Brayden has officially been knighted into the war wound, Rambo baby club. He was playing with our new computer armoire in the living room. There's nothing really in it yet as we're still transitioning, so we haven't rushed to get latches to lock the doors. The doors are the kind that swing all the way open and lay flat against the side of the armoire. As B swung the door around, he lost his balance and in a second it happened. He lost his balance, leaned his body to the right to brace the fall but it was too late. His head hit the edge of the door and BAM. I knew it was a hard hit so I went to console, as he was pretty upset about the whole ordeal. When I got his head off my shoulders I realized that it had broken the skin and was bleeding. Not bad, but bleeding nonetheless. So we cleaned it off with hydrogen peroxide, cotton balls and lots of mommy kisses, then got our blankie and we were off to our next adventure. I did pretty well all in all. I don't do well with blood. Or trauma. So this mix of adventuresome children and husband throws me for a complete 180 off of my safe, secure, take no risks and bring everyone along kind of attitude. The proof is in the pudding, so here's some pictures to chronicle our first real boo-boo:


Earlier that day we took some pictures of the cutest Easter Bunny's I've ever seen. Notice the tag is still on the ears. That's because I am being forced to return said ears. Here's what happened; The other day we went to Target (surprise! ha!) and in the dollar section they have these bunny ears. I laughingly put them on Brayden's head and he didn't flinch. So I left them on. For like 30 minutes we meandered around the store mucnhing on popcorn and showing off the bunny ears.  I got lots of smiles and laughs, and when he finally decided to take them off I just threw them in the buggy because I really wanted to get a picture of him with them on for Easter. Later that night as Drew came into the kitchen after putting B to bed he noticed the ears. "What are these?" He asked. I told him how we went to Target and B wore them and it was the cutest thing ever. I should have taken a picture of the moment, as Drew's face immediately fell and he got serious. this serious look in his eye. I got the whole "I can't believe you put bunny ears on our son in public" speech, the heavy sighs and the "you can't dress our son girly" lecture. So I kept the tags on, took pictures the next day, and they're now waiting in a bag on in the kitchen to be returned. Oh well. Pictures chronicled, and no one is worse off after this traumatizing event.


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