Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Steals

Lately I have found some awesome bargain buys for Brayden. I am a red tag addict, and can hardly resist an item when it has one! There is a local semi-annual consignment sale that I have gone to for the past 3 sales. I LOVE it because it is a hotel ballroom filled with kids stuff. Clothes, toys, equipment, bedding, etc. You name it, it's there. And most of it is name brand stuff too! I help out with some of their marketing items and so I (along with a few hundred other women) get to go in early before the public. Here's what I got the other night as far as clothes go:
So from left to right is:
(Top Row)
-light blue Children's Place polo
-navy blue plaid Children's place shorts
-baby gap white polo
baby gap patchwork plaid shorts
oshkosh plaid shortalls
1 sets of 3 piece carters pj's
(bottom row)
2 pairs of faded glory cargo shorts
old navy striped polo
cherokee cargo shorts
nike tennis shoes
off-brand pediped sandals
off-brand birkenstocks
I got ALL of that for $50! I also go a Little Tykes toddler tool bench, Little People Firestation & a Tonka toddler race track... all for around $24 total! I went back for the 1/2 price sale, and got the following for $23:


This is how I buy almost all of B's clothes. If I do get something else during the year it's either on clearance or from a local resale shop. I always compare the prices to what I would pay at the semi-annual sale though, so even when I buy new it's always less than $4 a piece! 

The other find I have bought recently was B's big boy bedding. I know he won't be in a big boy bed for a while, but I always like to look at the bedding at Target because I think it's SO cute. I had found a really cute patchwork quilt that I liked there, but it was $60 for the set, so I just kind of stocked that one in the back of my mind to save for once the time came. Well, during one of my mental sanity runs to Target (remember, the ones where I buy popcorn and coke and stroll the aisles for hours because it keeps B entertained and gives me some mommy time?!) I happened across a bunch of stuff they were marking down for clearance for the change of seasons, and low and behold I spotted the quilt set I had been eyeing. I thought for sure it'd be a queen size, because you know usually the clearance stuff is always the size no one else wanted, but low and behold it was a twin comforter set for-- get this-- $15! Are you kidding me? I nearly dropped my popcorn right there in the aisles to do victory dances! Here's a picture of it:


Isn't it so cute? I had thought about doing themed bedding for his room, but decided against it because kids change their minds so frequently when they are little and didn't want to have that battle. I will more than likely go with a sports theme with decorations, since that's what I had originally wanted with his nursery. His room already has navy accents, so this bedding fits right into what i already have (a navy lamp, navy curtains and navy letters for his name). I have a huge baseball/football/basketball card collection from when I was a kid, and I plan on framing some of the more valuable ones and putting them on the walls, along with some vintage baseball pictures. 

Have you had any steals lately? If so, let me know! I love celebrating other people's great finds!


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