Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Naked Carpenter

Doesn't the post title sound like some weird reality show? It's the first thing I thought of when I was editing these pics of B. I got this little carpenter table for $12 at the consignment sale I went to recently, and we were going to wait to give it to him for his birthday. But after a few days of him being bored with the toys he has  and SCREAMING all day, (alot of them are rattles and stuff he's outgrown) I decided to pull this out. He LOVES it and will literally hammer away for 30 minutes straight! Still noise, but a lot better than the screaming I was dealing with, so I'll take it. I had let him play in his diaper on this particular afternoon... he loves being naked and it's finally warm enough where I don't worry about him getting cold without clothes on :) He also danced it for me on this particular afternoon, but he's still camera shy when it comes to dancin'. Doesn't want anyone stealing his moves :)

IMG_7425 stamped

IMG_7428 stmaped

IMG_7430 stamped

IMG_7435 stamped
Doesn't he look guilty in this picture? Total guilty face here.

IMG_7436 stamped
"See mom, if you lift this up, there's a secret box for all of my things!"

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