Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Blind-sided You: The Story of Catching Me Off-Guard

I get blindsided quite frequently, so to narrow down to just one occasion would be asking a lot. I figured, "what the heck, I'll be daring," and speak of the two most recent occasions that deal with the same person.

I'm not quite sure I've shared this on my blog, but about 2 months ago I signed up for an exercise class at a local church. It was $15 for a 4 month semester, free child care, and about 4-5 of my closest friends were signed up... pretty much every excuse I could use was taken up. I've come to really enjoy the class, as it gets me out of the house three days a week, and I am starting to see progress, so the trip to the beach this summer seems more and more appealing as I think about my body in a bikini (minus the saggy boobs, which is a completely different post in and of itself). I know you think I am chasing a rabbit, but I indeed have a point.

The childcare is good, but not great. The reason I say that is because there are, on most days, about 10 kids in Brayden's class, but only about 3 "teachers". Two of the teachers are older. Nothing against old people, but the lady asks me to bring Brayden in on my own so she doesn't have to pick him up. OK, a bit weird. The second day I was there when I went to pick him up, the oldest lady leans out of the classroom and says "Now I know why you're skinny." This would be the taken aback part. What do you say to a comment like that... "uh, thank you." She then proceeds to tell me that they have had to chase B around the classroom all day. I just smiled, because again, am I supposed to apologize? He's an 11 month old boy for crying out loud. Would you like him to sit still? I mean, I would too, but the chances of that happening are pretty slim. The whole situation kind of made me giggle, because I just didn't understand why the old lady said that. But the next week was the kicker.

I went to pick up B from the class after we were finished working out. The other old lady hands B out of the door (it's one of those half open half closed doors that are common in older churches) and says "I see a future for him in the city." I am sure I had a bewildered look on my face, so she explains "He LOVES to play with the trashcan, so I bet he's going to be a garbage man." This time the comment really knocked my socks off. You seriously just told a newish mother that her son was going to be a garbage man? I mean, with all due respect to the trash people, I would hope that my aspirations for my own children would exceed those that I had for myself. As Drew and I are both college graduates, this will probably include some type of bachelors degree, and if he wishes, post- graduate studies as well. But apparently, because he has an affection for plastic bags hanging out of old cans, the lady has the audacity to tell me that Brayden will be a trash man. I didn't even know what to say to her after she said that, so I again gave a polite smile, packed B up, and gave him a lecture on the way home about how he can do ANYTHING he sets his mind to. He was clearly enthralled with my speaking, and promptly fell asleep. And son, if you are reading this right now, please know that I will love you regardless of the occupation you hold. But please at least try for something a little more provisional that collecting county trash. Thanks.



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