Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend in Review

We had such a fun weekend this weekend! Friday was my birthday, and Drew surprised me with tickets to the Razorback baseball game! We ate dinner at a local mexican restaurant (B ate a WHOLE child's plate-- it's getting more expensive to go out to eat these days!) and then headed to the game. It was B's first real Razorback experience, and he loved it. Well, love is a strong word, but I know he enjoyed all of the people watching. Here's B with Ribby the Razorback.
IMG_2340 stamped
He wasn't too sure about Ribby. He wasn't scared of him, but a bit perplexed at this larger than life Hog standing there waving at him. He touched his nose, and then smiled.
IMG_2341 stamped
Before the game started he kept pointing down to the field. It was SO cute!
IMG_2342 stamped
Drew was trying to get him to call the Hogs (he'll do it for us every now and again), but clearly he wasn't all that interested.
IMG_2345 stamped
OK, I know I cut Drew's face off in this picture, but i just had to post it. Isn't he SO cute with his spiky/mohawk hair and Hog uniform?
IMG_2343 stamped
A self-taken family portrait
IMG_2347 stamped
Brayden would NOT smile, so this was the best we could do.
IMG_2350 stamped
I had walked down closer to the field to show B all of the players and umpires. Ribby came up behind us and started waving at Brayden. He just sat there and stared. It was pretty comical.
IMG_2348 stamped
Doesn't he look so enthralled?! Ha! His attention span quickly diminished after the game started.
Just some pics of the game festivities
IMG_7445 waternarked
I love this picture, even though it focused on the nets. I LOVE baseball!
IMG_7444 marked
"How long to baseball games last Mommy?" (this was taken during the 2nd inning!)
IMG_7443 stamped
"I am ready to go night-night! Bring me HOME!"

Saturday Drew and I had a wedding to attend so some dear friends watched Brayden while we attended the wedding. After the wedding we made a date of it and went out to eat and then finished the night off with Cold Stone. I sadly took no pictures, but it was SO nice to be able to get out with Drew (all dressed up I might add) and have some adult conversation that had nothing to do with poopy diapers and formula!

Today after church we went to a friends house for lunch. Brayden had a grand time romping around with our friends 15 month old little boy. They were both into EVERYTHING. Partners in crime!

We are looking forward to a warm week with clear skies! Be on the lookout for lots of pictures from the park :) Have a great week!

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