Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend in Review

Our weekend has been less than eventful. Friday Brayden's cough that he's had for about 2.5 weeks turned into a nasty congested, croupy cough. I've been on the phone with the nurse line with our insurance at least twice a day explaining symptoms, trying to find new ways to treat him (it's so hard to treat a sick baby) and giving lots of hugs and love to our little guy! Due to his sickness we've layed low. We did make it to community group tonight, where we celebrated ugly sweaters. Quick story: one of the men in our group came to group last time in a sweater that would have passed as an ugly sweater entry. His wife was not happy he wore it, so he asked all of our opinions about it when they got there. Ofcourse, it gave the group a good laugh. So this week, in preparation for our next meeting, our leader sent an email to everyone saying that he wanted us all to wear ugly sweaters (except for the guy who wore one for real at the last meeting). So tonight, we doned our best (Drew and I's were borrowed from one of the couple's in the group) and when the guy walked in we all showed them off. It was pretty funny. Here's a pic of our group (check out the deer on Drew's sweater! And mine has some awesome shoulder pads... definitely circa 1980s!)


Hope everyone has a great week! We're hoping to fully recover from the sickness, and hopefully get my house cleaned up :)

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