Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Up and Running

Yesterday I had a baaaaaad case of the Mondays. I don't know why, but I was just dragging. My poor family suffered too, but thankfully I have a gracious husband who recognizes that we can't all be on our A game every day. Today I am certain I will be more productive... well, atleast I am trying to get the laundry finished.

One thing I was productive with yesterday was finally getting my blog design website up and running! 

I've recently had several people ask about who designed my blog or have asked how to do certain coding things. I am a nerd at heart, and I love learning new things. Keeps my mind fresh in this crazy toddler world I now live in as a SAHM. So, I decided to step out on a limb and offer blog design as a service. I'm not expecting to make it big, although if I did I'd be OK with that :) It's really just another outlet to keep my mind sharp. Doing HTML coding and layouts is actually therapeutic for me, and I honestly can say that I could waste an entire day doing it, so this just made sense. SOOOOO... if you need a blog makeover, be sure to think of me ;o)

I now need some parenting advice (who doesn't need parenting advice?!). Brayden is your typical boy-- SUPER active, gets into everything and already throws all out fits (you know, the ones where they throw themselves on the floor in anguish because you won't let them dip their hands in the toilet?). This causes us to have a few battles more than I would like. I am trying to pick my battles, really I am. But the kid will literally get to a point in the day that I feel like he's so frustrated with everything he can't get into that he just screams. and screams. and screams. It's enough to make me want to go insane (Side note: I've decided that instead of putting people in prison, we should just put them in rooms that have the sounds of babies screaming and pipe in a good dose of poopy diaper smell at 30 second intervals (kind of like the airwick scent things but with a nasty smell). We would never have to kill our inmates again for the terrible crimes they commit, for I feel after about 30 days of that constant smell and sound they'd kill themselves.)Sorry for chasing that rabbit, but it seems pretty ingenious don't you think? Anyway, back to my dilemma. I really don't know what to do. The problem is that we are fine if we're out and about, so lately I've been out of the house from 3-5:30 EVERY afternoon. Now, I love to get out, but I also love to stay at home. Especially when there's clothes piled up and dishes that need to be cleaned. Clearly I can't continue our extravaganzas of Target afternoons EVERY day. They'd start to think I worked there or something. So what do I do? Is this just a phase he'll get out of soon enough and I just need to deal with the screaming? We play with his toys, but I feel like after 30 minutes he's just bored and doesn't want them anymore. He was the trash, the toilet and the grocery sacks in the laundry room. For obvious reasons, those are not allowed. Neither is the TV buttons & TV player. Suggestions anyone?

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