Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Because It's Cozier with Blankie

For the past month we've put B on the big boy potty before bathtime. We sit and sing songs, usually accompanied by the loud clanking of the toilet seat hitting the back of the toilet (B likes to pull it towards him and then throw it back). I am definitely not trying to potty train this early, but I also want B to be used to sitting on the potty. He's actually pooped twice and peed a couple of times, so I figure we're doing good. One particular evening just recently, Drew was standing in the hallway next to Brayden's blanket. B kept pointing to it and I finally told Drew "I think he wants his blankie." So we gave it to him, and sure enough, he was content as ever, sitting on the pot, butt naked, with his blankie in hand. Because, as we all know, it's cozier with your blankie.


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