Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend in Review

Well, this weekend ended up not going according to plans, mainly due to the terrible weather that we endured most of the day on Saturday. I was SO bummed because I was really looking forward to Razorfest on Saturday, but I guess we'll have to wait for another year to really enjoy it!

Friday night Drew and I had a movie date night at home, and rented "The Blind Side." What a great movie! I loved it SO much. If you haven't seen it, you're definitely missing out. It was SO funny, had definite heartbreaking moments at times, and pleased both Drew and I in the plot and story line.

Saturday we were wanting to have a fun family day, and while we got to spend the day together as a family, it was spent mostly running from the rain. Drew was able to get the garden planted, and we're hoping for better results than last year (last year most of the plants were thwarted on growth and never really produced anything). Saturday afternoon we headed to Razorfest to meet up with some friends and enjoy Razorback festitivies. We got there and the weather was patchy at best. As soon as I took a picture for a friend, the sky literally opened up and we were stuck under an awning with a couple of dozen people. Thankfully it passed quickly, and we made the decision to go out to eat instead. So we packed up all the kiddos and headed down the road to a local pizza place. I should have taken a picture, because our group was a site to behold. There were 5-6 couples, but all of us have at least 1 child, so one side of the table was all adults and the other side was all high chairs. I am thankful the boys tipped well, because the floor was a mess after we left. We headed back down to the Razorback spring football game and were able to watch about a quarter of the game before heading home to escape yet more rain. Here are a couple of pictures from our Razorback day:

JJ, Jack, Drew and Brayden. Jack and Brayden were pretty enamored with the Boss Hog, and so they were less than willing to look at the camera for the photo op.
Just too much going on for a good family pic. Oh well!

Sunday was a normal day, except we had a less than normal toddler. For some reason when I went to pick him up from child care at church he was crying. They said he had just started crying when parents had started picking up their kids (and he was not the last one left). I picked him up and we headed out to the car. He would NOT QUIT CRYING. Literally he cried from the moment we left church until 4:30 that afternoon. Both Drew and I were about to go insane! Thankfully he quit crying, but we were both so worn out that we canceled our original Sunday plans of heading back to church for a special worship event, and instead stayed home, put B down and hang out with some good friends for food and fellowship. I really don't know what to do about these days with all out crying; thankfully yesterday Drew was here and so he was able to help with it, but even Drew was getting frazzled by the constant screaming. Today was a completely different story with great naps and not a fit to be thrown, so maybe we've rounded a corner. Or maybe it's just a good day and I should knock on wood. Probably the latter.

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