Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm 1 Year Old Today

When you ask B how old he is, typically his response is not in words, but in actions:


Isn't it amazing that they go from this:
to this:
In what seems like a matter of milliseconds? I am not the mushy type, nor am I overly sentimental, so while this past year holds great meaning in what my child has accomplished, I am not one of those moms who has been sitting around crying about my baby growing up. In fact, I am happy for him. I feel so privileged to be part of this huge milestone with him as he grows up. Eating cake, learning to monkey crawl, opening presents... SO fun. He truly is a joy, despite all of the long days and hours spent stressing not only on his physical needs that must be met, but his spiritual and emotional needs that can not be forgotten. Parenting is hard work. I knew it was hard before I had kids, but I didn't realize that long past the midnight hours of waking when he was a wee one, I would still be just as exhausted, if not more so, from the endless lessons that are taught, discipline that is brought and challenges that are faced. Indeed, parenting has stretched beyond any limits I thought I could be stretched, but I think I have come out (well, I've not really "come out" since parenting is a life long process) a better wife, mom and friend in the process. I believe that the biggest sand paper God gives us as humans is children, and Brayden is no exception. Through this past year God has revealed my selfishness, my anger, my impatience, my selfishness and my selfishness :) Brayden, if for some reason you are reading this 20 years from now, I hope that you know that your dad and I love you more than we ever thought possible, and that our lives are so much sweeter with you in it. Thank you for challenging me to be a better person, even though you have no idea that you are doing so!
And now, for milestones:
  • still completely infatuated with the word "this". We get points and "this" about every other second. I realized that I may be partly to blame, as I was asking him if he wanted "this" instead of specifically saying what things were. We are trying to correct the problem. 
  • He's quite possibly the most social baby I've ever been around. Our outings and adventures are quite interesting as he waves and cheeses it up for complete strangers. I fear for the day when he will actually talk... I am sure I have plenty of embarrassing moments ahead of me, not to mention plenty of stranger talks with him!
  • He knows the word "outside", and if spoken will point to the door and say "this" meaning he wants to play on his playset. He LOVES outside, and I can already tell a change in his demeanor throughout the day now that we can play outside at different times.
  • He's completely weaned off formula. I wouldn't say milk is his favorite thing on the market right now, but he's getting there. 
  • He'll hold his play phone up to his ear to "talk" 
  • If you ask if he has boogies he blows his nose!
  • He has 8 teeth... not sure if others are coming in, but he is gnawing on his fingers ALL the time.
  • He LOVES peanut butter and strawberries! They are a new favorite for sure!
  • He has started walking behind his toys, and letting go to stand for a few seconds... won't be long :o)
  • When we walk into the garage he points to the car and starts waving bye-bye. To say he loves to go places might be the understatement of the century!
Brayden we love you so much! Happy 1st birthday little man! 

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