Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend in Review

This weekend has been FABULOUS. Thankfully little B's fever broke in the night on Thursday night and never returned. I am suspicious that it was teeth, as he has had 2 molars pop through over the past 3 days. In fact, on Saturday his mouth was all bloody, I guess from the tooth breaking through. Poor thing! And thankfully the teeth popping through also makes for longer mornings for me in bed, as he has quit waking up at 5am (PRAISE THE LORD!).
Friday we had the priviledge of getting out of the house for a few hours sans children with several of our closest friends. We decided to warp back to our glory days in the 80s and hit up the local skating rink. Being there reminded me of two things: I am old, and I am old. Ha! It was so weird that when a song came on all these girls would start screaming and dancing. I was doing good just to stay balanced on 4 wheels and dodge the teeny boppers zooming circles around me. I am proud to say that I only fell once, and it was graceful enough that I didn't break anything! What's funny is that Drew was kind of negative Nancy before we went, saying how he hadn't been on skates in 20 years and he wasn't sure about it. He did great! We had such a blast, even if we only lasted 1 hour :)

After skating we went to a new yogurt place in town called the Orange Mango. I was in HEAVEN. This place is very similar to I Heart Yogurt and Minchi's, where it's all self serve and then you pay by the ounce. SO yummy! Drew had never been before, and was piling on the toppings. When I told him to watch it, he then went to the Butterfinger dust and said "this one doesn't weigh as much." Silly boy! It was so refreshing to get out with our friends, and Drew and I left saying that we needed to make it a priority to go out more regularly with other adults. Here are some pics from our fun night out--

Our feet getting groovy on the skate floor
John & Alaina
Me & Alaina. I actually took this while we were moving, which is an impressive feat.
Rach & Justin
Me & Drew. I don't know why, but every time we held hands I felt like I was teleported back to junior high. Definitely must have had to do with the setting :) Which is funny, since Drew was my first boyfriend (and we met and starting dating when we were in college).
This was taken before skating... Drew actually smiled! Yay!
Candice & Tim
Does this picture even need comments?
The whole gang!
Silly boys!

Saturday we had swim class again. When we entered into the pool room, B immediately started pointing at the pool saying "Dis! Dis! (this, this)" and wanting to crawl into the pool. I swear the boy has absolutely no fear! His favorite part is the pool mat, where the teacher lays this big styrofoam mat in the pool for them to lay on. He literally cries when she picks it up. The teacher commented about how well Brayden swims... apparently most babies only do 1 of the 3 things they work on (kicking, reach and pull and bubble blowing/head submersion), but B does all three, simultaneously when he is trying to "swim" to the toy. It's pretty funny to watch, but also scary, because I really think he thinks he is swimming, so Lord help us this summer when we're at the pool!
Saturday afternoon we had the pleasure of hanging out with friends and enjoying hot, boiled crawfish! I was in seafood heaven and ate crawfish and shrimp till I literally thought I might explode! It was SO yummy, and we felt so blessed to be included in such a fun little shindig with our friends and neighbors Josh and Crystal.
Today was church as usual and then a lazy afternoon. Brayden had to skip his morning nap because we served at church, and I was scared he wouldn't take a nap this afternoon since he fell asleep during the second service at church. But we layed him down anyway at 2pm, and to my surprise (and delight as you can imagine!) he slept until 5:15! Drew and I both got good, long naps, and I was even able to run to Walmart for a few things before he woke up. Yay for long naps! Now I am crossing my fingers it doesn't affect his sleep tonight :)
It's a normal week this week, the first after several crazy ones so I am excited about getting back to a normal routine. Hope everyone has a great week!

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