Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend in Review (Picture OVERLOAD!)

This weekend was amazing. Drew didn't have a heavy load of school, we had lots of fun Easter activities, were able to celebrate with family and friends... it was GREAT.

Saturday Brayden's swim class resumed. I have figured out that his favorite part of swim class is when they use the floating mat. He literally started kicking and reaching and pulling the minute she brought it to the water. It's funny because most of the other kids don't enjoy laying on their back in the water but B just lays there with not a care in the world. I should get video of it and then play Kenny Chesney's "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem" song... he literally is that chill! Saturday afternoon our neighborhood hosted an Easter egg hunt. B was the smallest there, so we just got about 10 eggs and then sat him in the grass to "find the eggs" instead of trying to run around with him and beat out the other kids (I didn't realize Easter egg hunts were so competitive... I felt like it was black friday or something!). His scalp got a bit red this week at the parks, so I figured we needed to get an old man hat for him. Thankfully he won't pull it off when we're outside-- I think he sees the benefit in it already! Here are some cute pics from the Easter egg hunt.

waitin' with Daddy before the big start. This boy LOVES his daddy.
Finding an egg
He did surprisingly well putting them in his basket. Keeping them in there was another story :)

We decided to go to church on Saturday night to avoid having to attend 2 services (one for serving and one for attending) on Sunday morning. The service was PACKED and we really didn't miss a lot of the traffic like we thought we would have. This morning we got up early with B, and let him get in his Easter basket. He LOVED having teddy grahams, yogurt melts, dried apples and puffs to much on after opening the eggs!


After serving at church, we headed about 30 minutes away to visit my Uncle and his family. They have 4 girls and all LOVE to play with B, so B was doted on to the fullest extent. It's always nice celebrating holidays with family, and today was no exception.

This evening we had a family bonfire with our community group from church. Brayden had a great time feeding the horses, riding in the wagon and crawling around in the dirt eating sticks, rocks and grass :) The boy has an appetite too-- he ate 2 hotdogs, 1 hot dog bun, a couple of chips, 2 marshmallows and a graham cracker. I swear, the boy can eat a Mack truck! I finally cut him off, but I think he probably could've ate more!

sitting in the big boy chair. Yes, that's dirt on his mouth, and yes, he ate some. What doesn't kill 'em makes 'em stronger.

This week is birthday week at our house! Be on the look out for lots of birthday reveals :) I can't believe my baby is one. This has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding years of my life! Have a great week!

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