Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Stories about Little Man (and other things)

Today the weather is dreary. But yesterday, it was picture perfect. This meant lots of time outside for little man. He probably would live outside if I let him.
Definitely like his daddy on that one. I much prefer air conditioning. Or at least a nice pool to lay next to. What can I say? I'm a city girl at heart. B really likes his playset that was given to him by my mom and dad at Christmas.
We tend to play on this on the days that are pretty.
And eat weeds. Because weeds taste good right? Right.
Perhaps I can teach him to pull weeds for me when he's older. Like my dad did when I was little. I wonder what the inflation rate is on the 5 cents per weed rate I got in the 80s? Hmmmm....
While we were outside yesterday I noticed some grass hanging out of our grill. I thought it was strange since I hadn't noticed it 2 days before when I grilled our chicken. I went over to investigate and found the following:
I guess this is why that blackbird kept getting curiously close to our window. Poor dear thought the grill was a bird house. That would've been a bad surprise for him when his eggs were roasted upon fire up. Yikes!
We're still having nap problems at our house. At the beginning of this week I thought we might have turned a corner, since he was taking really good naps and finally sleeping past 5:45am. hahahahaha. Jokes on you mom! I am currently streaming Pandora into the earplugs, trying to drown out the screaming coming from the nursery. I figured after a 45 minute nap this morning B would be more than ready to take a nap this afternoon. Oh contrare my friends! After 45 minutes, he was ready to party in the USA. This is NOT ok. I need my me time. I need my nap! I don't do well without it. So I sit here, just as pissed off as him, trying to do other things since I can't lay in my bed to sleep because our walls are so paper thin it sounds as if he's dangling over me screaming. What do you do when this crap happens at your house (excuse my blunt words, but really, my nerves are so worn right now I am not sure I can type much else)? I am trying to see the positive in things, but I don't know if there's much positive about not napping and not sleeping well. Even my dog is getting bent out of shape about it (he's currently scratching at the back door to go outside-- clearly the screaming's even too much for his little doggie ears!).

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