Thursday, April 15, 2010


For those of you who regularly read my blog and are wondering where I have been, my sincere apologies to you. My mom stayed in town after B's party and was sick, so between running to the store for her, dealing with a 1 year old who has the energy of about 4 humans combined and getting ready for a trip we were planning on going on yesterday, I rarely had time to check my email, much less find time to write about my life, pet peeves or parenting woes. But never fear, for my trip was cut short by illness, and I am back at home with only my family to tend to so hopefully there will be plenty of stories in the next coming days. Ofcourse, the reason my trip was cut short is sad, and is definitely a story of the plight of being a mom. 
My mom needed to meet up in Little Rock to catch her ride back to Baton Rouge, and so in an effort to conserve time, money and energy (not to mention B was sick during my last planned trip down there) I decided to plan my trip to visit one of my best friends at the same time. It worked out perfectly, and I was even able to slip in some time visiting other friends after I dropped my mom off yesterday. Brayden did great all things considered and was acting normal last night and this morning. But when he only slept for 30 minutes this morning before fussing, I figured I'd check on him because that's really not like him. Sure enough, the child was burning up so I took his temperature. Poor thing had 102.2. I hurriedly packed our belongings in an effort to minimize the time he was around my friend's children, and off we came back to our home, 3 hours away. The trip was grueling, not necessarily for the drive itself, but my poor baby was MISERABLE and just fussed the entire time. Not screaming, but just fussy like an "I don't feel very good and I think you should know about it!" Ofcourse, I felt helpless because I had no one in the car with me, so I felt like joining in on the crying :( Unfortunately his fever spiked again this afternoon to 103.3. At this point we're suspecting a virus, and I am hoping it's nothing to do with ears, as that never makes for a fun weekend! I am SO bummed because we had so much fun stuff planned for this weekend, and now all of that is in jeapardy. Not to mention that my visit with my friend whom I haven't seen in months was cut short and I missed valuable hang out time with her and her two precious boys! Definite bummer of the year so far! So here's hoping that my baby gets better, our plans go unhaulted (I know that's not a word, but it sounded good so I kept it), and we enjoy a fun, relaxing weekend.

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