Sunday, December 19, 2010

1 Month


Connor, you're 1 month old! It really is true what people told me; I really can't remember what life was like without you here. And while we have our moments where everyone is crying and I feel like joining in on the wailing party, life is good. You are a surprise blessing that God divinely planned for our family. I love looking at you and knowing that little fact... it makes me smile, knowing that God has a special plan for your life! So what are you up to at 1 month old?:
-I've heard a few coos... a think the baby talking is only a few weeks away.
-Just today I saw a smile that was directed towards me. Yay for real smiles!
-You are still wearing your newborn clothes, but they are getting tight. You fit into a lot of the 0-3 months clothes we have for you.
-You wear a size 1 diaper.
-You usually only wake up once at night, around 4am. I'm still trying to decide when you want your first morning feeding to be... right now we're all over the map.
-You aren't quite sure about naps. Sometimes you go down seamlessly and other times you tend to fuss it out quite a bit.
-You now stay awake for about 15 minutes after your feedings, so we've enjoyed tummy time in Brayden's room most mornings. You seem to really enjoy laying on your tummy!


We love you little Connor-man and are so grateful for your life!

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