Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Happy Baby

When Connor was born, it was almost immediately apparent that he was indeed a laid back child. He hardly cried (which was kind of scary for me!) and pretty much fell into a 3 hour schedule immediately. But about a week into his precious life, my mom noticed that when he spit up, it was not your average spit up. It was what she referred to as rivers out of his mouth. We kind of laughed about it then, but it soon turned into no laughing matter.

The past 3 weeks we've battled with occasional projectile spit up, but even more disconcerting than that was the way Connor was in obvious discomfort, especially after his feedings. Since he's not a cryer, most of the time he would grunt like a chipmunk. At first we just thought he was making that noise for no reason. But as we studied him closer, every time the chipmunk would grunt, he'd pull his knees up in obvious discomfort, and typically start gagging or choking on spit up. Most of the time he'd try to swallow it back down, which would just make matters worse. It got to the point where it started affecting our breast feeding sessions. He's never been the insane eater that Brayden was; he tends to take his time, enjoying his meal in snail fashion. So when he started pulling off after certain increments and acting as if he had to chose between swallowing or allowing something to come up, I had had enough.

Monday I brought him to the doctor for reflux. I should make note the fact that before I brought Connor in, I had already spoken to our pediatrician's wife about everything. Both her and her husband had been helpful along the way in making sure that what we were dealing with was indeed reflux. So during our visit we recapped everything, went over some things I need to look out for, and were prescribed Zantac. Today is the 3rd day into the meds, and I can already tell a difference. Connor no longer fusses as much, and when he does, it's just a baby fussing, not because he's in pain. Hallelujah!

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