Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reflux is for the Birds

I find it somewhat laughable that I thought I'd still have time to blog and have two children... atleast two children under two that is. I don't finish my mothering duties until well past seven, which means dinner nows begins around 8. At that point I either have two options: grocery shop or collapse on the couch. Last night I chose the shopping option, which meant that when I returned home at 9:15 I had rarely set my feet up the entire day. So I did what any exhausted woman does: I took a bath, pumped, and went to bed. I live a rather exciting life, wouldn't you say?

I hope that at some point things will settle down and I will indeed have more time, but right now I feel as though I am a world class juggler during the day, and a zombie at night. Brayden is his usual self-- being defiant whenever possible, into anything he's NOT supposed to be into and climbing a top anything that has the slightest smell of danger. Connor, poor little Connor. He is currently battling a clogged tear duct (thankfully it seems to be better, but I still have to do the massages and antibiotic drops), a yeast infection on his bottom that is not clearing with the anti-fungal cream and now reflux. Let me be the first (OK, I am sure I am not the first) to say: reflux is for the birds. The poor boy is constantly spitting up or screaming from pain. I feel so bad for him. We're working on a few things with our pediatrician, and will probably be putting him on meds at his next well check if he's still showing symptoms. The sad part for me as a mom is that besides the tiny bit of medicine I give him now, I really can't do anything to help him. This is all so foreign to me, as Brayden was a relatively easy baby, and has hardly ever been sick or had anything wrong with him. In contrast, I feel like Connor can't catch a break.

Needless to say, I am exhausted. And today is only my second day alone. I know, I KNOW, it will get better, but right now, I find myself completely worn out, with a lack of patience for my first, and not really knowing what to do with my second.

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