Friday, December 31, 2010

I Need to Teach Him to Hit Back.

Last night Drew was able to get off of work early and so we decided to make a family date of the evening by heading to Chick-Fil-A. It was much needed for Brayden and I, who have stayed mostly in the house this week. Brayden wanted nothing to do with dinner, and chose to spend a majority of our time last evening in the play area. It was fine by me, as I got to enjoy some quality time with Drew, and get some energy out of my rambunctious toddler. About 30 minutes into our time there, a dad and his two children arrived at the playground. I should note that Drew and I were not in the actual play area but right outside of it at a table. We could see (and hear) everything that was going on inside, so I wasn't worried about Brayden in the slightest. Until I heard him crying. It's very unusual for him to cry; generally he's either hurt himself BADLY or someone else has hurt him. So I went inside to see what was going on. The dad of the little girl laughingly said to me "I think your son just got beat up by a girl." I kind of laughed along because at the time it didn't look like anything was majorly wrong (B was up in the stairs of the playset, so I wasn't staring at his face). B shook it off, although I could tell his feelings were hurt. A few minutes later I noticed Brayden going up to the little girl who had hit him. He wanted her to play with him, and as he walked up to her, she turned around, and literally hissed/screamed at him. I wish I had had a camera, for I know some of you will doubt me when I say that she literally looked like an evil vampire. A toddler. No more than a few months older than 1. Hissed at my son. At that point I was pissed. She was obviously not a very nice little girl, and my poor tender hearted boy, who wants everyone to be his friend, was left standing there with a scratched eye and a broken heart. To make matters worse, the little girl's dad did nothing. He just laughed at the entire experience. I don't get some parents. I really don't.

Later when we were packing up in the car, I noticed Brayden's cheek was still flushed where he had been hit. When we looked closer, he had scratch marks down his cheek. I felt so bad for him. Here's what it looks like today:


At least it doesn't keep him from smiling.

And so, last night I decided... I've got to teach him to hit back. At least to the mean ones.

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