Sunday, December 12, 2010

3 weeks Old

I know. I know. I missed the 3 week birthday by 2 days. It seems as though milestone posts are harder to get to when you have two kids.


Connor Andrew, you're 3 weeks old! Here's what you're up to:
  • eating. About 7-8 times a day. you wake up once in the middle of the night, anywhere from 1-3, and then sometimes you stay asleep until the morning, and sometimes you decide you want some more milk, and wake around 5 or 6am. A pretty good sleeper all things considered. You also started eating your dream feed from a bottle this week, and drink it like a champ! Way to go buddy! We've pretty much fallen into the perfect 3 hour babywise routine with you rather easily. Now if only I could get our first morning feed set at 8am I'd be a happy BabyWise momma!
  • IMG_3600
  • sleeping. Now that we propped up your mattress due to your reflux you're a much happier little guy and sleep really well. You finally decided you like the swaddle, so we swaddle you up like a little taco for naps and night time. You are a pretty sound sleeper. I hardly have your white noise machine on and you sleep straight through Brayden's crazy running and yelling in the house! 
  • pooping. Not a surprise there! haha! You still have a yeast infection on your bottom, but it's SLOWLY getting better. You're in size 1 diapers, and we've decided we like Pampers again.


You can hold your head up pretty well, and I've heard a few little coos out of you when you're laying on the ground looking around. I think once we get all of your issues fixed (your clogged tear duct, your bottom and your reflux) that you'll be the happiest baby ever! You still have all of your hair from when you were born, and get compliments on it ALL the time! We love you so much... even your big brother loves you and can't wait for you to play 'baball' (football) with him. I'm so glad God surprised us with your life... you are a blessing to all of us baby boy! I love you...

Momma :)

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