Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend in Review

Ladies and Gents, I am proud to say that our family actually did some stuff this weekend that was blogworthy enough to classify a post for "Weekend in Review." I know you've all greatly missed our weekly ramblings of what we find ourselves doing on the weekends. I guess I could have written about how we've been spit up on, pooped on, or laid around like zombies due to lack of sleep, but that would have bored you all to tears, so I've suppressed any blogging energy for a better post. And here it is!...

Friday I became brave. And perhaps could be called Super Woman. OK, probably not the latter. Seeing how women like Michelle Duggar travel to stores with 10 kids. But for me, Friday was my first feat. I got out of the house with both boys, and headed for a leisurely stroll at Target. I think we spent about 2 hours there. Not that I count hours anymore. It was more like 1/2 of the time between feedings. Brayden absolutely loved being out, and was surprisingly cooperative the entire trip. I think he's been so socially deprived since Connor's been born that he knew to be on his best behavior or we'd have to head back home to our dungeon :) haha! Speaking of Connor, he did well too, sleeping through the entire event. This whole sleeping baby in public thing is a bit foreign to me. Brayden "woke up" from the newborn phase rather early, so I don't really remember outings where he wasn't awake. He was never a fussy baby in public, but very aware that we were out and about. I guess he's always wanted to be awake for the party :)

Saturday we continued on our social outings by traveling as a family to Sam's club. Apparently everyone else in Arkansas wanted to go too, since the club was completely packed. We all 3 chowed down on some pizza, ate some samples, and avoided the crowded aisles in search of the 2 things we actually needed from the store. Saturday afternoon Brayden and I baked some banana nut bread together. He's really into helping me in the kitchen. It makes a bit more of a mess, but I like having him help me.


Saturday evening our good friends Susan and Jason brought dinner over and stayed for some fellowship. It was fun watching the kids play together, and talking to other adults :)

Today Brayden and Drew went to church while Connor and I stayed behind. I just didn't think I could get us all ready and out of the door on time, so Drew volunteered to take B by himself. It was so nice to have the home to myself for the morning. I was able to rest, spend some one on one time with Connor, take a shower without having to worry about what Brayden is getting into, and get things done around the kitchen that are normally impossible when a toddler wants to help you. Drew brought B back around lunchtime and then headed to go and pick up some ground venison at a local processor. Once B woke up from his nap we made sugar cookies as a family and decorated them. This is a new tradition for me that I'd like to do every year with our kids.

(I cheated this year and bought the sugar cookie mix in a bag. I figure I can get away with it since I have a 3 week old. Next year I'll make them from scratch!).
(He ate a TON of raw cookie dough. He kept grabbing handfuls, eating it and then saying "MMMMM!" hahaha.

And that was pretty much our weekend. I know it doesn't seem like much, but honestly, just getting dressed and my teeth brushed right now seems like a big feat to me. I know life will slowly become more of a normal for me as time goes on. One thing that I think will make things easier is Connor's reflux normalizing. Thanks to some advice of a few friends, we propped up Connor's mattress and that has seemed to help the most out of everything we've done. He by no means has SEVERE reflux, but it's enough that I can tell he's uncomfortable/in pain, and so to know that we're at least making progress in getting it regulated makes me a bit more at ease. I hope everyone has a great week... hopefully I can post a few days this week :)

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