Friday, December 31, 2010

Extreme Couponing

Well, I can join the club. I mean, I've always been a coupon user, but never to this extreme. Tonight we bought all of this for $50:
Just in case you're wondering what THIS is:
- 12 (32oz) bottles of Gatorade. 99 cents off each. so 1 cent each.
- 12 boxes of cereal. $3 off each, All FREE.
- 8 24 packs of Coke products. $5 off each, so the total was 98 cents per pack.
- 2 packs of Hanes undershirts. $7 off each, so the total was $3.00 per pack.
- 3 packs of Hanes boxers. $7 off each, so the total was 50 cents per pack.
- 21 Hot pockets. $2 off each. All FREE.
- 7 12 packs of Lipton Green Tea. $5 off each, so the total was 98 cents per pack.

It was really easy. We just printed the coupons and bought everything that the coupons gave us a discount on.  Add this to the obscene amount of canned goods we stock up on during the Walmart sales at Thanksgiving, and our garage now looks like we're stocked for the next Y2K. haha!

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