Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random Ramblings.

I feel like my brain is so jumbled right now that an actual post that makes much sense just isn't happening right now. But I do have thoughts, so I figured I'd write them down and let you sort them out on your own.
We borrowed a swing from some friends... Connor LOVES it. I'm hoping it will give me a bit easier of a time in the late afternoons when life seems to get CA-RA-ZY. 

Have yall seen this show?

Drew is OBSESSED with it. I've never seen him so enthusiastic about a television show before. I like it, but not as much as Drew boy.

We have been blessed with awesome friends who have brought us dinner every other night since Connor's birth. The downside? All of the yummy desserts. On top of all of the Christmas goodies. I might as well not pack away the maternity clothes, cause at this rate I'm going to look like I'm pregnant again in a few weeks.

As if I didn't have problems with the sweets... today Brayden and I attended a cookie exchange/playgroup (Drew had off today, so he stayed home and took care of Connor-man). The kids all decorated a sugar cookie, and then the moms exchanged Christmas goodies. Now I am sitting here watching the Sing Off with Drew, chowing down on sweets. Increasing my weight one buttock at a time... LOL! (Oh, and for the record, I was a total mom today and forgot both my camera AND my diaper bag. Thank goodness my friend Erin, who was hosting, had an extra size 5 diaper!).

Have I mentioned that I am drowning in laundry? I literally have to do atleast two loads a day due to all of the spit up and pee spray we've got going on from the newest little man in the family. It's amazing to me how such a tiny human can cause such an increase in dirty clothes. I guess it's a good thing that I have to do so much laundry though, since I only have about two pairs of pants that actually fit me right now.

I've started trying to nail down more specifics for our Babywise schedule for Connor. While I am a bit more laid back this time around, there are also things I don't want to compromise on, like trying to nail down our first morning feed, and getting Connor to go down seamlessly for naps. Both were issues that I had with Brayden (naps were a terror for us until 6 months with B), and I'd like to just get it over with now than deal with it for the next 6 months. Connor is hit and miss with naps-- so I think the problem is more me than him, since I tend to forget to put him to bed right on time. Thankfully though he's only waking up once in the middle of the night, so I am getting somewhat good sleep.

And that's all. My brain is officially turned off for the night. Peace out!


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