Monday, December 20, 2010

7 Years of Daisy Field Skipping

Today Drew and I celebrate 7 years of pure wedded bliss.

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photo credit to Tammy Belin

Or something like that. You see, I've never been one to say that being married is pure bliss. In fact, I would say that marriage is probably one of the hardest things I have done.

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It requires selflessness, patience, compassion, a dying of oneself... just to name a few. None of which I am very good at. I tend to be selfish, impatient, rarely take the time to consider someone else's feelings, and I've hardly died to myself. It's been 7 years of learning. And I am sure that for the rest of my marriage I will probably feel somewhat the same way.

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Honeymooning in Cancun Mexico

But with everything that requires hard work, there is great reward. By going through those things, I have come out a better person. Or I should say am becoming a better person. Yes, truth be told, Drew is the sandpaper God knew I needed to make me more like Him.

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BSM ski trip, winter 2001.

In turn, I've also found a best friend. The kind that gets on your nerves, tells it like it is, and will love you through thick and thin. Probably one of my most favorite things to do is just to be with Drew.

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Drew's R&R during his first deployment, winter 2002.

It doesn't matter if we're enjoying a fantastic vacation, eating out at a local restaurant, or chilling at home... life is much sweeter with him by my side. That's why I can't wait to see what the next 68 years brings us (my goal is to make it on the Smucker's jelly jar for being married 75 years).

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Drew (because I know you'll read this sooner or later-- he's a closet blog stalker!):
Thank you for being the best husband and father you can be. It is my joy to call you my man, and my privilege to watch you be daddy to our boys. I love you so much and couldn't imagine life with anyone else but you. Thanks for making me laugh, for calling my bluffs, and for constantly making me want to be a better person, wife and mom. I know I don't say it enough, but you truly are my best friend and one of the greatest blessings God has ever given me. Happy 7th anniversary babe!


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