Tuesday, December 21, 2010

(A Belated) Weekend in Review

We had a great weekend to kick off our Christmas week! Friday Drew’s dad drove up to visit since he was flying out on Saturday to visit his cousin. We spent some time with him on Friday night before he headed to his hotel for the night.

Saturday both of the boys “slept in” a bit, so Drew and I both felt a bit refreshed Saturday morning. We fed both of the boys (or should I say Drew fed B while I breastfed Connor!) and took it easy. Drew’s dad showed up mid morning and we celebrated Christmas with him by exchanging presents. Brayden was REALLY into unwrapping the gifts… it makes me giddy to think about Christmas morning with him knowing he is completely aware of presents and gifts now.

(Once the wrapping paper was off, he shook the box. Who teaches kids this stuff?!?!?)
I can’t decide if Brayden or Drew was more excited… ha!

The next gift was a t-ball set. Brayden is a boy after my own heart--- any ball that he sees (or circle for that matter) is immediately met with complete joy and passion. God definitely answered my prayer and gave me a little athlete.


Check out the skills:

Saturday afternoon once Brayden went to bed, Drew and his dad headed out to a shooting range and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon to myself. Drew got back from bringing his dad to the airport later in the afternoon, and once the boys woke up we headed out to grocery shop. I know. We’re crazy, going shopping on the Saturday before Christmas. But we needed groceries. And I couldn’t take the boys by myself. So Drew went with me so we could all be together. It actually wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be, and at the end of our family adventure we enjoyed some free junior frosties from Wendy’s (I had some free coupons from Halloween that we never gave out to trick-or-treaters).

Saturday evening after the boys went to bed, Drew and I watched The Other Guys. I was skeptical. I actually LOVE Will Ferrell, but his movies are either SUPER funny or total busts. I have to say, The Other Guys was HILARIOUS. Even Drew loved it, and that’s saying a lot since he’s not so much a fan of Ferrell. I definitely recommend it if you’re into mindless comedy and just want to laugh!

Sunday we decided to try and attempt going to church. We decided to go to the 9:30 service; We got there on time, but so did everyone else… people were lining the walls it was so packed! We were so thankful that some people saw us with the baby carrier (we don’t put the kids in the nursery until they have their first round of shots) and moved over so we could sit down with Connor. The service was great, and getting to church with two kids wasn’t as bad as I had envisioned. After church we came home, ate lunch and took naps. When the boys woke up Drew and Brayden headed to a birthday party, and I stayed home to get things ready so that Drew and I could go on a dinner date to celebrate our anniversary. We ate at a fabulous little Italian restaurant; it’s locally owned and is SO much better than Olive Garden. We enjoyed the quiet dinner with our second born babe, enjoyed some good conversation, and then headed to the end of our Community Group’s annual white elephant Christmas party. The gifts were awesome this year, as always.

Justin got a pink Razorback chair back
JJ got one of the “regifts” that’s brought year after year… an ugly photo frame.
Don’t be fooled… Drew wasn’t that thrilled about getting the conch this year (I’ll have to write another blog post about the conch… it’s a long story, but it’s brought every year too!)
We brought a box of BodMan as one of our white elephant gifts. I can’t think of a better person than Tim to get it!
OK, funny story. Katie opened up Love Dare and said “Oh yay!” which was quickly replied by Chris with “GREAT! I always get in trouble when she reads those books!” I wish I had had a video of it. It was classic.
The littlest one in attendance
The Boys
The Girls

And little Connor ended the weekend with an early Christmas present to mommy… he slept through the night (from 11pm till 6:45am)! I know, I know. I am just as surprised as you are. Brayden didn’t sleep through the night until he was 6 weeks old, so Connor beat him by 2 week! He did not, however, sleep through the night last night, waking up at his normal time at 3:30. And that was our weekend. We are looking forward to a great Christmas week which includes Drew being off most of the week (thank you paid paternity leave!), my family visiting and celebrating Jesus’ birth.

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