Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend in Review.

We have had a busy busy busy weekend, but it's been oh so fun!

Friday we had our annual halloween playdate with our friends from church. We've done this every year for the past 3 years and it's always a blast (you can read about previous years halloween festivies HERE and HERE). I've decided it's a blast but with chaos... it seriously is like a whirlwind and you can barely catch your breath before you feel like you're walking out of the door for naptime. Brayden enjoys being around his friends though, so the chaos is worth it (I guess ;) ).
seriously yall, I have the best friends ever. This is my friend Alaina. I love her, and obviously, you can see why :)
this is Will, who by the way, is the happiest baby in the world. Cari (Will's mom and my friend) is so creative when it comes to costumes. Will was "William Wallace" this year. How cute is that?!?!?
my cute little cow
John John was Yoda. Isn't that so cute?!?!?
Will showing off his sword and kilt
all of the kids. Makes me tired just looking at this picture. And if you're wondering why they all have blank stares to the left, that would be because Katie and Alaina were breaking it down trying to get them to smile. Pretty sure the only people smiling/laughing were the other momma's. haha!
look at Brayden and Will's expressions... they clearly were a bit disturbed by the mom dancing. haha!
I thought this was so sweet. B and Jack are really becoming good buds and it makes me smile.
Again, Cari is really creative. These are "spooky" hotdogs. They're little mummies

Friday Drew's work had trick-r-treating at the office, so we took Brayden and Connor over to do a little candy gettin' (we stopped along the way for an impromptu photoshoot of the boys in their costumes. You can see those pictures HERE). I have really grown to enjoy the office festivities as much as the kids-- people go crazy and turn whole sections of the office into different themes. It was especially fun this year because Brayden totally got it. Like, he was SO excited about dressing up in his costume and getting candy. I was cracking up because he's quite the picky candy eater. He would dig through the buckets and was so particular. Apparently m&m's, snickers and kit kats don't hold a candle to dum dum pops. I'm pretty sure we came home with about 70 lollipops. Enough to hold us down until next Thanksgiving, and almost guarantee us a cavity if I don't brush his teeth about 5092 times a day. haha! Friday night Drew's dad came into town, and we met him at a Mexican restaurant to kind of celebrate Drew's birthday (which was last week) and Connor's upcoming birthday. Let's just say that it was quite an experience. Connor was pulling stuff of the table, Brayden was bouncing in his booster seat (he also poked a hole in the styrofoam cup he was drinking out of... by the time I realized where the fountain of water was coming from, it was on everything, including ME! Nothing like getting drenched with ice water) Drew and I both left feeling 12 years older. (I didn't take a single picture while there even though I brought my camera... I just had too much to do trying to contain a 2 year old from running free in a big office).

Saturday was a very special day. Due to our area being inundated with football fever, we have to plan birthday parties around the football schedule. This means that most likely Connor will always have a birthday party either earlier or later than his birthday-- never ON his birthday! He didn't complain however, and the party was a hit. We had it at a local community center that has an awesome indoor pool. The pool was practically empty, so we had a great time with all of our friends and their kids, celebrating our little man. Pics to come later this week... I'm still sorting through everything :)

Today was a whirlwind of a day... church, then home for naps, then up from naps and headed to a local fall festival that one of the local churches puts on. Again, Brayden was in love with everything. I had to laugh at one of the little games... all of them are based on stories from scripture. This particular one we were at was about Goliath, and had holes on his sword and shield that you were supposed to throw a bean bag through. Problem is, Brayden knows the story says that Goliath was hit in his forehead-- I know this because he will tell me about it when he watches Veggie Tales or reads his Bible. So the bean bags that Brayden threw weren't aimed at the holes, but rather, Goliath's forehead. So funny that boy!
when the train pulled away, Connor literally watched it the entire time. I think he was a little envious. Poor baby's getting to that stage where he wants to do everything like the big boys but is just not quite there yet. In due time baby boy, in due time.
Brayden found the Razorback almost immediately, and insisted on riding it, and calling the Hogs.
enjoying the bounce house
we found Paige and Avery, who he tells me are his "best friends." I had them pose for a picture. I'm not sure it was a fave thing to do at the time. haha!
Brayden picked out the white pony to ride.
how did he grow up so fast?!?!?
getting ready for Goliath. I'm sure he was calculating his throw :)
wanna guess what happened????
go figure. I'm not quite sure why I even expect anything different from him...ha!

We have another busy week ahead of us-- somehow fall became more busy than summer, which is crazy to me! I'm so grateful for the cooler weather though, and hopefully we'll get to enjoy some of it, because before long I'm sure I'll be bemoaning the winter frost! Have a great week!

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