Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things I Find Myself Saying Lately...

That's Toby's food, not yours.

No, you may not put your foot in Toby's water bowl.

We don't play in the toilet water!

Don't eat that shoe, that's Mommy's shoe.

Don't pull Toby's hair, you need to be gentle.


Our house stinks...did you poo-poo?

It's still naptime, go night-night.

It's still night time. Go back to sleep. 

Can you pee-pee on the potty? (I also make songs about peeing on the potty... I'll spare you!)

We do NOT bang on the furniture.

Please don't hang from the oven door.

Well, that's what happens when you hang from the oven door... it opens, and you fall.

That's your food. Please don't share with Toby.

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