Tuesday, June 15, 2010

16 weeks

Hi, My name is Lindsey, and I can't believe I'm pregnant. haha! Seriously, I feel like they may hand me a baby in November and I refuse it, not knowing I was pregnant. This pregnancy is literally FLYING by, and with summer and fall filling up faster than I can keep up with, I feel like it will be here before we know it! We find out if the baby is a boy or girl July 13th.... exactly 4 weeks from today in fact!

I figured I'd get Drew to take my picture in the MORNING instead of in the evening, that way I look a bit more fresh, and I am not as bloated. The last preggo picture was less than flattering :) When we were taking the picture (it was on Sunday, so I am a little less than 16 weeks in the picture), Brayden decided he wanted me to hold him, so he made a picture too :) I have to say, he looks a lot better than me... haha!

On the pregnancy note, I am feeling great. People are always asking me how I feel, and other than my growing belly, I really don't feel pregnant. I think I have finally reached that point where you feel great, aren't too uncomfortable yet (besides always being hot and not being able to lay on my stomach comfortably anymore), and can still fit in most of my regular clothes. I am finding that I tire more easily, but I just try to take it easy and make sure I get a nap every day with B-man. I am starting to get excited, and entering into that phase where I want everything organized in the house. Which also means throwing out tons of junk. I tend to be a thrower awayer... I really am not sentimental. I feel like most things that are important to pass on are a spiritual legacy, and wisdom and guidance... not tangible things. So I just toss it if we are not going to use it. Drew on the other hand, likes to keep things, especially books, after he's used them, so we have a lot to do to tackle our front room (which is currently used as a study). Anywho, without further ado, I give you baby #2 (with a pic of B man thrown in there for good measure) at almost 16 weeks.


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