Monday, June 28, 2010

Change of Heart

Perhaps it's because I'm finally consistently able to feel this baby move, but I feel like in the past 2 weeks God is finally softening my heart. If you've not read my blog for long, you might want to go back and read what my initial reaction was when we found out we were pregnant with number two. But feeling this new life kicking inside of me, it makes me kind of giddy. To be honest, I LOVE being pregnant at this stage. I am not miserably uncomfortable, I am definitely looking pregnant and not just flubby fat, and I can feel the baby move, quite possibly one of my favorite things about pregnancy and definitely one of the most miraculous things anyone could experience aside from the actual birth of the child. I am excited about narrowing down name possibilities with Drew, excited about learning what we're having (although I am still a bit nervous about the entire ultrasound), and preparing our home for our newest addition. I can definitely tell God is working on my heart... removing those insecurities of the type of mom I am, and allowing me to enjoy my life in the moment, however imperfect it may be. That's a huge step for me... allowing my life to be imperfect. I tend to want everything a certain way, at a certain time with a certain type of something... allowing my life to be imperfect allows God to come in and show me the things that really matter. And honestly, it's kind of fun.

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