Tuesday, June 1, 2010

14 weeks

Well, for all of you who sent a prayer my way, thanks! I felt a peace as I was driving to the doctors office. I was so glad to see my actual OB. The last two times I went she was still on maternity leave. Of course, the actual appointment was really fast... just asking if I have any questions, how's everything going and then finding the heartbeat. Thankfully she found the heartbeat within 2 seconds, and it was strong, going 158 bpm strong. This baby's heartbeat is the same as Brayden's was, so I am interested to find out if the heart rates have any indication of gender. Speaking of gender, we will find out what this baby is on July 13th. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going-- I feel like i just found out I was pregnant and it's already almost half way through... how crazy is that?! I asked my friend today if it feels this surreal the entire second pregnancy. She said yes. I feel like one day I'll wake up, go to the hospital and kind of freak out that I had a baby... it feels like this is all such a dream. Did it feel that way for you if you have more than one?

And without further ado, I give you the worst belly shot picture EVER. I have to let you know that while I did shower today, I didn't put on makeup or straighten my hair, so I look a bit rough 12 hours into it. And for some reason I look like a deer in headlights in this picture. In fact, I was tempted to crop my head off altogether. And for what it's worth, I ate Chick-Fil-A before we took this, so I am a bit bloated on top of the baby bump. So, all warnings aside, I give you baby #2 at 14 weeks:
And for comparison sake, I thought I'd let you see how I looked with B at 14.5 weeks:
 And I'll go ahead and say it. I am immensely bigger with this one. I'm blaming it on chick-fil-a. And that's that.

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