Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend in Review

I've decided that it's incredibly difficult chronicling the our life right now with anything other than words. We had SUCH a fun weekend, but honestly, even if I bring my camera along to our fun outings, trying to get a picture in between talking with friends and chasing Brayden is next to impossible. This weekend was chalked full of fun times with friends and family, and alas, I have no pictures to prove of our adventures. So you will just have to take my word for it :) 

Friday Drew got off early again, so we headed up to the pool for a fun family outing. Pools are a must when you're pregnant in the summer. I seriously could just float until I resembled a prune.... LOL. Brayden can't decide what he really wants to do at the pool; the ground is far too hot to try and walk around, but he gets frustrated and bored just sitting in the pool. We're having to CONSTANTLY entertain him, so it's doubly exhausting for us. But I know that Brayden enjoys it, and it breaks up some of the monotony at home, so it's worth it in the end. 

Saturday was NONSTOP. We literally woke up at 7, and were only home for Brayden's first nap. We left the house early in the AM to run errands as a family, then came home and let B nap while I got things ready to go to a friend's house to swim. A few my friends and I sent the boys out to play golf on Saturday for Fathers Day, so Drew spent the morning and early afternoon hours playing golf. Too bad it was STEAMING hot here, so they were literally melting by the end of their golfing event. Brayden and I spent most of the morning hours after naptime at my friend Mrs. Linda's house. She has a pool in her backyard, so we just swam it away! After leaving there we headed up to my Aunt and Uncle's house and enjoyed some fun family time and some good food! Brayden LOVES spending time with his cousins because he gets TONS of attention :) He has such a rough life ;o) My cousins watched Brayden for us while we went to... (big bombshell enter here)... test drive a car :) More on that later... it deserves it's own post on how everything worked out, but let's just say that God totally came through and provided in a way I am still kind of amazed about. 
Saturday evening once we got home, I left immediately to do a photoshoot. These children were precious, and I can't wait to show you some of the pictures. I love photographing older children, because they are so into whatever you tell them to do, so it's not as stressful as chasing around an infant who is more interested in eating sticks and exploring :) I treated myself to a snow cone on the way home-- seriously, snow cones are pregnancy heaven. I don't think there's anything else out there that satisfies my deep desire for cold and sweets more than a snow cone. 

Today we went to church, purchased the car we test drove on Saturday (don't worry, I'll explain more later), and then went to a cookout with some great friends this evening. It was at their neighborhood pool, which also has a playarea/park so it was PERFECT for Brayden. He literally spent the entire evening swimming, then exploring, then swimming. Normally he has a "witching hour" around 6ish, and he literally never started fussing. I finally asked Drew what time it was, and it looked kind of late.... it was 7:45... the kid normally goes to bed at 7! I am crossing my fingers that tomorrow isn't a day from you know where... that's normally how it goes on days after he goes down really late. We'll see....

 I am looking forward to a bit of a slower week for us. This past week was just SO jammed packed with tons of fun, but it's definitely wearing on this momma! I guess I should get it in while I can though, because soon with two it will be doubly hard to get out and do anything (especially in the middle of winter). Hope your week is fun-filled!

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