Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Call me Vera.

Ok, not really. I mean, if you know me at all you know that I am no where near Vera Wang. Which is funny since my husband leans on me primarily for fashion advice. Of course, if you knew Drew before we started dating, then you'll know his fashion has come a long way since I've entered his life (long way as in, he no longer wears plaid flannel shirts and socks with sandals). On a typical night, as I am drowsily laying in bed waiting on Drew to finish getting his things together, he'll come out of the closet with his outfit for work the next day and ask if it matches. Normally he's pretty good at matching these days, so I usually only have to do it with one eye open. Unfortunately, last night I went to bed before Drew, and so I was unable to certify his outfit for work today. And thus began the fashion faux paux of the week.

I got a call from Drew this morning around 8am. Basically the conversation went like this:
Drew: Hey babe, are you running any errands today?
Me: Well, not really. B has his tumble class today, and that's all.
Drew: [sighing in obvious relief] Oh good! Anyway you can come by my office a little before?
Me: Sure, but why?
Drew [with a bit of a pause]: Well, um, you see, I wore my brown plaid shorts today (they were going to a baseball game and so they wore summer clothes), and I didn't really match my shirt right. Apparently it's pretty obvious. I've had a couple of women ask if you saw me before I left the house.
Me: Well what shirt did you wear?
Drew: I wore that button up navy blue plaid one. You know, the one that's really old (side note: he won't let me throw it out, even though there's a huge rip in the back). Apparently you're not supposed to wear plaid shirts with plaid shorts.
Me [trying not to hold back laughter]: Babe, you seriously wore that? You have to look like a pretty big dweeb.
Drew: Yeah, it's pretty bad. Can you pick out something that matches?
Me: Sure. I'll bring your BROWN Hilfiger shirt :)

And that was the end of our conversation. About an hour later I get a second call, asking if I can come even earlier. Apparently he got even more comments. Poor guy! Thankfully Drew's one of those guys who is able to laugh at himself, so he kind of just made it a big joke. When I pulled into the parking lot to meet him, I slapped my knee for not bringing my camera. I'm pretty sure I could've gotten him on a what not to wear website. I got a good laugh and he changed in the parking lot, and ran back in matching and as cute as can be. I told him that this just goes to show that other women really do check to make sure that I dress my man cute :) I'm pretty sure I'll be asked to check outfits even more now that this happened. But I don't blame him one bit :)

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